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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Vacation and road trip

I told you I would share pictures from my road trip with ya so here ya go. We left Lexington on Friday evening around 5 pm for a hope to Memphis Tn. Then on the Las Vegas arriving around 9:30 pm local time.

A pic from 109 floors up on the open observation deck at the Stratosphere Hotel in Vegas. Then we went down to the bar.

Had a drink, my fav a pina colada, don't remember what the kids had.Then down to the casino. I actually put a dollar in the slots and won $60. OK so I am a quitter, I won and I quit a winner.
Then we had dinner at the Italian restaurant in the hotel. It was nice and not really expensive. Then back to the room for a good nights sleep so we could be up early an travel the next morning.
The morning we decided to see the Mojave National Preserve in southern California beings we were that close.

Needless to say we left our mark there. This was was from a marker of some sort that had earlier been taken down. It was covered with graffiti already.
We drove thru the Mojave National Preserve an came to a lil town and stopped to see what was there.

This lil town had in times past been an old railroad stop with a little general store. The store was the usual gift shop type thing but was nice to read some of the signs around marking the area.
Traveling on we were heading south toward I 40 and came to another cool place after we got into Arizona. We found a beach.

This was a nice little place to hang out but it was soo unbearable hot we moved on. We came across a sign that directed us to the infamous Route 66. We took the exit an ended up in a nice little place.
We stopped into the old general store and loafed around a bit and when we pulled out of the parking lot we saw a sign that said "Road Kill diner" and the had buffalo burgers. Well you know we had to have supper there. I had my buffalo burger and did enjoy it.

A cool lil place to eat. Left here and on down the road. We finally arrived in Flagstaff Arizona and stayed the night. Tomorrow we will see the Grand Canyon and trip will continue. As will the story. So for now blessings from the McGuire homestead on the road.



dgr said...

And I thought you were kiddin about the beach!

small farm girl said...

Glad you having a nice time.

stella said...

lol deb yep is hard to imagine a beach so far inland.
we are having a good time. Still got a ways to go before we make it home.