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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I dont like big cities

Have I tole you lately that I don't like the bigger cities.? Well I don't. We had to go to Lexington today for a doc appointment for Rodger. It was just a post surgery visit so the doc could look at his finger and charge the insurance company. And they didn't take out the stitches. Oh well. On the way we stopped in Richmond to pick up Abby, Rob and Amoys lil dog. She is the cutest thing. And a good lil girl. Amoy was flying to Jamaica to visit her family for a few days and Rob is still in Nevada. We get to baby sit for a few days.  I got a text message from Amoy as she was on the way, and she said her sis got her a buddy pass, and it ended up being a first class flight to Jamaica. Am happy she got first class for the longer flight. Although this meant we had Abby with us all day in Lexington. She very much like myself don't like to be hot and we were. Well it really meant I had her outside all day. And dang was it hot. The ambient temp today was posed to be near 100 degrees. I can believe it. Had to make a few stops while we were out, and one of us stayed in the truck with Abby while the other did the errands. Needless to say we kept the AC running too. Kinda nice to be home where it is cooler and be still for a while.
We got home late which means I did not get anything picked from the garden. I will need to do the tomatoes that we picked last night before I can go get more. Tomorrow evening it will be time to pick the green beans again too. I just hope the beans do well enough that we have plenty to can.
Not much happening here today with us gone, so till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



The Apple Pie Gal said...

I despise big cities! And worse...I hate driving in them. My vocabulary consists mostly of four letter words...not pleasant :)

stella said...

lol I just dont like bein around lots of people. too many in one place, one grenade would get em all. lol not to mention the ones that cant drive or park. too much hillbillie in me I think. lol