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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rain, nothing happening,vacation preps

We have had lots of rain today. Not just here but most of the state. In our area we have had a small stream flood warning. The flooding didn't effect us a lot but I am sure others have been. All it did for us is keep us out of the garden. I had planned on picking tomatoes this evening but sure didn't relish the idea of wading mud to do it. So maybe I can get them tomorrow and take care of em.
I had to be home all day for the repair man to come fix our security system. Last week when we had a storm the lightening must have hit close enough to us to fry the circuit board in the system. So with that replaced we are up and running now.
I talked to Rob a bit ago and he is excited about getting to come home for a bit. He has a job interview on Friday morning before he leaves Barrick mining. Then he is driving to Las Vegas to meet Amoy and I there on Friday night. I am excited to be invited on this trip. We fly out on Friday evening from Lexington to Memphis then on to Vegas. A stay in the Stratosphere Hotel will be a treat in itself. I will likely blog along the way and post pics of our trip. The plan is to drive and find things to see and do along the way. This is my vacation for the year I suppose.  When we get to Mississippi we are stopping to pick up a friend of mine and she is coming home with me for a week or so. We are gonna have a blast I just know it. I just hope the heat don't make us all miserable and cranky along the way. We will be traveling along the southern states on the way east so I am sure it will be hot. Oh fun fun!!
So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



The Apple Pie Gal said...

I think waiting for a repair man on a nice rainy day sounds wonderful!

stella said...

lol well till ya got to clean up after em. but we got our system fixed so thas a plus. Turned the garden to mud and I didnt git muh maters picked before i leave for vacation. now rodger will have to pick and can em. lol

small farm girl said...

Oh, that trip sounds wonderful! Have fun, but be safe.