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Monday, August 23, 2010

Traveling, back tracking, goin forward

We are still on vacation and got started this morning from Flagstaff headed to the Grand canyon. Before we got there we came across a place called Bearazona. It was a wild life preserve that you could drive thru and view the animals up close. It was a neat lil drive to see some of the animals up close in their own habitat.
                                                                        American Burro
                                                                        White Bison
                                                          Black bears having breakfast

                                                       Baby black bears in the trees

There were other small animals in the area for viewing but some were sleeping in there respective hide outs. We left here and moved on toward the grand Canyon. We had to do some back tracking from where we stayed. The Grand Canyon can not be truly appreciated in pictures, you really should see it in person. It is really breath taking in its own right.
We actually were on the south rim of the canyon. I am really glad we were not the ones on the north rim as they had a really big thunder storm roll in while we were there. You could see the rain in the distance and the dark clouds hanging over the area.
We drove back down to get back on I 40 and continue across the country. The scenery is beautiful and you can truly see for miles. You could watch your dog run away for days.
We stopped along the route to look at what is supposed to be the largest petrified tree. It was really neat to look at. Hard to imagine the natural creation of such a thing.
 These were sections on display and some of the colors were beautiful and almost glass like. We have ended our day and are now in Albuquerque NM. We are spending the night here and then on east tomorrow. More pictures next time. Till then, blessings from the McGuire homestead on the road.



small farm girl said...

I haven't seen the Grand Canyon, but it's on my bucket list. I love the comment about seeing your dog run away from you for days. Too funny! Have a safe,but fun, trip!

stella said...

lol well i aint kidding about the land being flat for miles. Goodness you can see to the end of the earth. We are having a good trip. More pics later.