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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Road trip and closer to home

We are still traveling and sight seeing along the way. We left Albuquerque NM this morning headed on east. We stopped along the way to tour and go for a taste testing in a micro brewery.
This was a small mom and pop operation which I thought was really cool. The folks were really nice and we left with a case of beer.
I like this sign, would like to have one like this for my kitchen at home. We left here and drove on to Texas. Just outside Amarillo TX there was a sign saying this is the largest cross in the northern hemisphere.
This thing is huge, You can see in the pic how it towers a building nearby. We drove across the Texas panhandle so the distance was not too far as far as mileage goes. Pretty country to drive thru.
We hit Oklahoma this evening and I knew I had an aunt that lived in Elk City OK that I had not seen in about 4 years so we decided to give her a call. She came out to to the interstate to meet us and chat for a few minutes. Was so nice to see Aunt Wilma and Uncle Alvin. They both look great and are doing really well.
We left Elk City and headed on east toward Oklahoma city where we are stopped for the night. We will leave here in the morning and head on east and hopefully make it to Mississippi by tomorrow night. So till then, blessings from the McGuire homestead on the road.


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