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Thursday, August 19, 2010

My loafin day, ready to fly

This has been a good loafing day for me. It started out when I went to get my hair cut this morning. Connie, the lady that has cut my hair for nearly 30 years has been a long time friend. So I got to visit with her for a bit. Then we went together to visit our friend Gene that had the stroke in April and she cut his hair. So nice to have a traveling hair dresser. She is a fun person to be with as well. I was planning on going to get my nails done after the hair cut. So she and I went together. Got me all fixed up and had a late lunch at Pizza Hut. My hubby don't like their pizzas nor does hers but we both do. In the time we were together today we were talking about how people never have or take time to spend with friends. We always think we don't have time or the energy to go somewhere or visit, but it really energizes you to get away from your own life if just for a few hours. Gives you a different perspective on things. And it is always good to spend that time with people who lift you up mentally, not drain you. So Connie and I have decided that at least once a month we need to get together and just visit. We were both tired when we got home but just felt refreshed. It is good to do that once and again.
So back on the farm nothing changed while I was gone. Not that I expected it would. Rodger got the yard all trimmed this evening and it looks nice. The weather today was just awesome, mid 80's, for the first time in forever. I got my jars of meatloaf all washed and Rodger got those in the cellar for me. He wont allow me to carry them because he knows how I am for over loading my self.  Gosh my cellar is getting full. He is going to try to get the tomatoes picked tomorrow evening after work. And I ask him to get the big yellow cukes from the garden as well so we can save the seed as they are an open pollinated variety. I now also have some watermelon seed that I saved from a melon that Jason brought home from work the other day. There is an older gentleman that used to work for the same oil company and is retired now. He lives on the road where Jason has been working. This fellow saves ALL his own garden seed from year to year. And the watermelon he gave Jason was the bestest. Needless to say I ate all of it in 2 days. Yeah I know, muh kidneys love me. Hope to have some green beans to can when I get back home from my trip. I am counting on the Tobacco worm beans as my green beans this year. The Kentucky Wonder bush beans didn't do squat this year. But that is life on the homestead.
I hope to be blogging from Las Vegas tomorrow night. I am guessing my post will be quite late but will do my best to post some pics to share with you all. I know I always love to see pics that fellow bloggers and friends post online, it is kinda like seeing the country thru someone else eyes and never leave your home. This was so cool to me when Jason drove a truck long haul. He would send me pics of places he traveled thru and it is like being there with him. Far better than any geography class you had in high school. So am off to Sin City tomorrow night. WooHoo!!! Imagine a country girl in the big city. I am more looking forward to seeing my lil boy tho. Last time we got to see him was in July when he flew home for a few days. I miss muh lil boy. It will be nice to spend time with him and Amoy, she is such a sweet heart.
So till next time, blessing from the McGuire homestead.



The Apple Pie Gal said...

Have a safe trip Stella! Enjoy your son and have fun!

stella said...

Tanks, am headin off in a bit to do just that. Watch for pics on here. lol

small farm girl said...

Have fun!!!!

Jen said...

Enjoy yer trip and have a great time!