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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It was hot today!

This is one of the hottest days we have had this year. I know the weather man says a lot of things but my thermometer spoke up today and confirmed my suspicions. It was 100 degrees and the thermometer was in the shade today around 11 am.

If red means danger, then it was in the danger zone today. Late this evening near dark we got a lil bit of rain, and I just know it will be that much hotter tomorrow.
I got another 7 quarts of tomato juice made and canned today in spite of the heat. Tomorrow evening I will need to check on the green beans and see if there are some to pick and can. Yesterday I had harvested the rest of my grapes and was thinking of making wine with those as I had already made 12 pints of grape jelly. But this evening I just went ahead and extracted the juice from the grapes and made more jelly. That should do us for a few years. This weekend I need to check on my pears and see if they are about ready to be picked. I sure do like pear preserves or as some call it, pear honey.
I weeded the onion bed out back where I have walking onions growing and I have a bunch of lil green onions in the bed. I planted some cucumber vines down there as well in case I didn't have any in the garden. Garsh, I got more cukes that I know what to do with. I will likely make more dills with the cukes that I am getting now. Jason ate a quart of dill pickles this evening while he was here messing with his computer. AND drank the dang juice. He did that when he was wee little too. Ya go to the fridge to get dill pickles and they were in the jar and the juice was all gone.
I think this watermelon here on the table needs a few slices taken out of it, so till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



The Apple Pie Gal said...

Great weather to work on the tan then!

Glenn Family Gardens said...

Boy I wish I had that many tomatoes this year! The Roma'sjust aren't producing like did last year, and we promised to sell a bunch to a lady at our Farmer's Market so I am hoping after that I can get a decent amount. I love tomato juice for chili's and soups. Anyways found your blog on the BHM forum. If you get a chance to visit mine that wouldb e great :)

stella said...

Hi yall, yep Im gonna work on muh tan just as soon as I get time. lol I think ya will see me in Vegas with a farmers tan. lol
Thanks for stopping by Glenn Family gardens. None of my tomatoes are producing like the should. Dont know if its the season or what. I get about a bushel ever couple days and use them to make juice, which is what we use the most of. I do want to make and can some sketti sauce tho too. Yeas I will visit ya blog. I learn a lot from other folks and their blogs. Its kinda like gardening with your neighbors.

MA Fat Woman said...

I might just look you up the next time I go up home. We usually get off the interstate at Winchester. How far are you from there?

stella said...

Hey G, I am only about an hour from winchester. Would love to meet ya when ya come this way. Jus email me or leave me anote here and i can drive out there. I love meeting people.