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Friday, August 6, 2010

Picking beans and tomatoes

We went to the garden this evening and picked the beans that were ready off the row of Kentucky wonder bush beans. Another seed that I had ordered from Shumway and they are everything but Kentucky wonder. We got total about 1/2 bushel. Didn't take long to string and break those and get them in the jars for canning. Lots of the tomatoes were ripe but you throw away 1 rotten one for every 3 you pick. Still got close to a bushel of those. I will make the juice tomorrow evening.
This weekend is the big 127 yard sale that runs from the northern Ohio state line to Alabama. Jason and I are planning on going to that to see what we can find that we don't need. This is one of those kinda sales that if you need one, somebody there will be selling one. Last year it was at this yard sale that I found my hand tobacco setter that we used to set tomatoes and all the other transplants in the garden. Rodger didn't want to go with us so he volunteered to keep the baby( Abby) so we didn't have to take her out in the heat. Last year Rob and Amoy went with us. But this year Amoy is in Jamaica and Rob is in Nevada.
I think I learned something about wine making. It is far too hot in my summer kitchen with the AC off to make wine. I think it killed my yeast. So this evening we filtered the must out of the juice and went ahead and added the sugar and more yeast to get it going again. It is already bubbling in the fermentation tank. So lesson learned, keep the fermentation vessel where the temp stays between 70 to 80 degrees. After straining out all the berries and putting the liquid back in the fermentation vessel we still had better than 4 gallon of potential wine.
Hope to get more sweet corn picked and canned this weekend after I get back from the yard sale. I am hoping the 3 patch of corn is true to seed. I pulled a few ears this evening and they look really good. They should be Stowells evergreen which is a white sweet corn. Open pollinated of course and if it is good and true to characteristic I will be saving some seed from it to plant next year.
So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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