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Friday, August 27, 2010

Canning pickles, pickin tomatoes

Yesterday we started a batch of sweet lime pickles and finished them today. I had cukes that I did not need as I have made more pickles than we can eat in 2 years so we made these for Deb to take home with her. We have had a nice time visiting and just relaxing. This evening we went to the garden and picked tomatoes. I might have a half bushel that we are gonna make juice with tomorrow.
It is time for the wild plums to ripen and I hope we can get some this week to make jelly with. It is Rodgers all time favorite jelly. I like having bagels or English muffins with butter and jelly for breakfast. I think the garden season for us is kinda winding down as  far as vegetables go. We are now at the stage of starting on fall fruits and jelly making. The pears should be ready to pick in a couple weeks. Some of the apple trees here on the farm have apples ripening now so they should be picked and made into something. I don't need pie filling as I have many jars still left from a couple years ago.
While Deb is here and after we get all my laying flock butchered we are going to make some gumbo and can it. We had gumbo the night we arrived at Debs house in Mississippi and it was so good. She makes and cans her own Gumbo base then adds the meat and shrimp when she gets ready to serve it. Hopefully I can post the recipe for ya on here when we can it. I can tell you it was delicious.
Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Glenn Family Gardens said...

Would love to have that recipe! We love gumbo in this house but we always cheat and buy Zattaran's. I can only imagine hers is a million times better. Also do you ever make plum butter? I am kind of obsessed with fruit butters right now ;)

Jen said...

Glad you and Deb are havin' a great time. Gumbo is a staple in the South...sticks to ya ribs. ~Jenny

stella said...

Hi yall, gosh I like gumbo and now have learned a new trick, thas how to make this great southern dish. And Deb and I have had a good visit. We both have learned a lot from each other. Her gumbo recipe is posted.