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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Canning, growing odd things

As of right now I am in the summer kitchen processing more of those good PEPH peas. We picked another bushel last night and got them shelled out. I just didn't want to spend another late night out here canning them that late so chose to do them today.
The must is coming along for the blackberry wine that I got started. The berries float to the top when it sits and they have to be stirred down ever so often. I does have a wine smell even this early.

This is before it was stirred down.

This is after stirring. It is working really well. We can hope for some good wine in a year or so. Sure seems like a long time to wait for the simple pleasures in life. But I do reckin the finer things in life are worth the wait.
As soon as the peas get finished canning I am going make tomato juice. We picked nearly a bushel of ripe tomatoes last evening. I am sure glad to have the tomatoes because my tomato products are running really low in the cellar. Last year blight got the tomatoes and this year they seem to be quite slow in ripening. But all in good time I guess.
While I was in the garden I went off to inspect my vine peaches. I got the seeds from one of the seed companies this year as a lil bonus and decided to plant them just for chits and giggles. Well the vines look very much like cucumbers but have these little softball sized fruits on them. I was thinking they were a hybrid but from what I am reading they have been around a long time. Interesting huh? Here is some info I found on them.

And this pic is of vine peaches from my garden.

They look neat if nothing else. They are also called mango melon. To me the taste and texture is between a cantaloupe and honeydew melon.
This is the extent of the excitement in my day. Till next time, blessing from the McGuire homestead.



The Apple Pie Gal said...

Ok, I need to learn how to make some of this stuff! Wine too? Awesome. Do you make hard apple cider too? I think that will be my first go at alcohol since we have tons of apples.

stella said...

Hey Apple pie gal, I think everyone should at least learn how to make a decent brew. Am thinkin in a bad situation it could make bad water usable and drinkable. I have never made hard cider but given half a chance, ya never know lol I do love apple cider tho.