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Monday, December 20, 2010

Just plunderin through the day

I did manage to get up at a decent hour today but have done next to nothing. Kinda normal for me tho and Monday too boot. I think my mind crashes after weekends. The guys are home on weekends and when someone is in the house I cant seem to get anything done that I want to do. Seems as soon as one meal is done they are looking for another one. So I started my day with the usual house cleaning. I even went as far as to clean the showers in both bathrooms. Of all the things to clean I hate cleaning showers most of all. But the task is done now. Then I got to thinking while I was cleaning. Yeah I know, I think too much. I was thinking of how much easier it would be to keep the house cleaner if we didn't have carpet. Now I am thinking in spring I might see if its possible to take out the carpet and put down tile or maybe even wood floors. I would be happy with the prefinished hard wood floors. Then I would have no need to be running the vacuum every day. Just run a dust mop and a damp mop if needed. Carpet is really dirty stuff and hard to keep clean. We shall see what spring holds for us.
I have been lookin thru the new seed catalogs that come in. I still am determined to order only heirloom varieties and just from Baker Creek seeds. I also want to make a bed here near the house just to plant a few plants of everything I want to save seeds from. That would be real handy for things that take 2 years to make seed. I just have to see if I can talk someone into hauling dirt for me to make the bed. But I also need a strawberry bed here near the house too. That might be pushing my luck a bit. I am so ready for spring. Really tired of being in the house now. Haven't been off the farm in going on 3 weeks. If more of the ice melts tomorrow and we don't get more snow I might make it out of here by Wednesday. Just have to wait and see.
Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



The Apple Pie Gal said...

I asked Adam about putting in a small garden closer to the house too and he grumbled. Why do they love eating the stuff that comes out of it then? Hmmm, maybe we should both starve them out until we get our extra garden space!

MLK said...

YOu will not regret getting rid of that carpeting.

DH and I replace all our carpet with 30yr PERGO and we love it.

Carpeting is like having a dusty dirty old rag under your feet all the time.

Go for it! Laminate is pretty inexpensive these days. We paid about 1.75 sq for ours at Lowes.

stella said...

Di I have to say I do get the finaly say in how big my garden is but when it comes to building beds here near the house for things, they seem to balk at the idea. Guess maybe its the fact they know they have to do the shovel work to move the dirt.
MLK I am giving some serious consideration to takin up the carpet. It is still in pretty good shape, it just holds so much dirt and makes keepin things clean very hard. Gosh that sounds like a spring project right there. lol