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Friday, December 3, 2010

Dont take long to get bored

Well one day of having little to do other than a couple loads of laundry and I am fidgety already. I get so used to going full throttle that when I get a break my mind is restless thinking that there is something that I should be doing. But this the quite the norm for me, I do it every winter since I had to stop working a paycheck job. I am sure if I had tried hard enough I could have found some thing to keep me busy, but by dang, I took it easy today. I did fix a nice supper/ Fried chicken, corn on the cob, green beans, mashed taters, mustard greens for me, biscuits and gravy and cooked some dried apples. OK I cheated, the taters where from tater flakes. All home grown food except the taters and biscuits. Its no wonder we don't like to eat out. The food just can not stack up to the worst of home cooked. After getting back to the farm after I had to quit work, raising ALL our own food, cooking from scratch, I think terrible things when I eat out. I sit at the table waiting on my order and wonder if the cook washed their hands, or if they sneezed on the food. Well you get the idea. I am certain nasty things happen in those restaurant kitchens that would gross out a maggot. Then I have to think how the food was grown, how it was cleaned, was it GMO? Not to mention all the preservatives in commercial foods these days. And I wont even get started on any meat cooked in a restaurant. Heaven knows how that animal died. Ya know, it was not many years ago people looked down on you if you didn't eat out a lot. They knew you were poor and couldn't afford it. Today I do think that has changed for the better. Now if you mention a home cooked meal most people envy you. I guess they finally came to realize how much better it is and better for ya. But if eating out made you poor, I have alas been happy to be piss poor as so to speak. Even now about the only time we eat out is when we have to go out of town to doc appointments and such. And to us it is just a treat and a day I don't have to be in the kitchen cooking.  One of my blog readers commented in an email to me about some vices that we both have, "all and all we eat healthy and feel like that leaves a little room to pick our poisons". We do eat home grown and home made but we do ingest some things that are not really good for ya. My weakness is Mt Dew. But it has some natural ingredients in it. Water is natural, right?
So till next time, try to eat home grown and home made, and blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Deb said...

AMEN, Sister!

The Apple Pie Gal said...

You crack me UP! Hey, it's ok to cut corners here and there when it's your/our choice. I admit, I love Stove Top Stuffing! I sure ain't making homemade stuffing everytime! There...I said it!

And today I actually dropped everything I was doing to go to the store and buy Coke. I don't drink it often, but today I had to have one. :0)

small farm girl said...

I use to think eating out was a treat. Now any more. If you really TASTE the food, it's not that good.

stella said...

Hey ya'll, well we were posed to go out to eat with rodgers family for his sis and BIL anniversary but the weather was crappy and roads were pretty slick so we stayed home and had spaghetti. And again all homemade.
Di ya need to make a big batch of stuffing and freeze it. Thas what I do. I made a huge dish pan full before Thanksgiving and I have enough frozen for Christmas and then some.
I alas get disappointed when we eat out at how bland the food taste. Well with exception of Red Lobster. I love seafood and no one else eats it much here so I dont cook it.