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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Git'n er done

I think we might be finally getting things done that we needed to git done before it turned winter on us. Last evening Rodger loaded up our 2- 100 lb propane cylinders to take to work with him to get em filled up. So he did that today and brought them back home, full of propane. One of them will be used for the summer kitchen and gas stove out there and the other one is being hooked to a gas heating stove we have here in the house for back up heat. We have a fireplace in one end of the house in the family room and does a great job of heating that end of the house. But if we lose power it is near impossible to heat the other end some 60 feet away. And that is where the master bedroom and bath are. It does get a lil too nippy in there if ya don't have heat. So the propane heater will be in the big living room near the middle of the house and nearer to the bedroom. Then if the power goes off for what ever reason we still have heat. Rodger has mentioned trying to find a small wood eating stove to set in the fireplace. That would provide much more heat with less wood. I think that may be a project for next year tho. Its a lil late to be trying to install a stove in the middle of winter. Besides we can get propane at wholesale prices as long as hubby works for the oil company.
Anyway the cold weather is still hanging around for now. We are posed to get more snow this weekend. I think the guys or at least Rodger will be going deer hunting again this weekend with Josh. It is another weekend of black powder season. If he gets another deer, I will HAVE to can it. No freezer room yet. But I want to make and can some Hungarian Goulash anyway. Last time I was at my friend Rosie's house she had made some and it was so very good. But then again she is a wonderful cook. I did get to chat with her today on the phone for a bit, well actually about 2 hours. Yeah we can always find things to talk about. A great friend and wonderful lady. Just a really good family.
Nothing really exciting happening here so till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



The Apple Pie Gal said...

I still-STILL- need to try my hand at canning meat. If we get any more deer we will be in the same boat. No complaints tho! It could be a looong cold winter without food to fill the belly!

stella said...

Di I agree with ya on the long cold winter. So sad too with folks out a work and with rising prices. Gosh it is nice to know ya frens have plenty of food. I am kinda hoping for another deer or 2 so I can make and can some Hungarian Goulash. I loved the stuff my German friend made. So yummy. We need to shell about 3 bushel of our white corn to have ground into cornmeal and it has to be put in the freezer for a couple weeks before we grind it to kill the bug eggs that MIGHT be in it. I have no room. lol Jason may have to put it in his freezer at his house although it is small on his fridge.