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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A day spent reading

I have spent most of today just reading stuff online. Well yeah I know ya cant believe most of what ya read online but some of the stuff I have been reading just confirmed my theories on some things. For one, I have been reading of the health benefits of stinging nettle. Who would a thunk it? A lil noxious stinging plant that is so loaded with vitamins and minerals that the infusion can contain the nutrients for a body for a whole day.
 Here ya go, read for yourself about stinging nettle .
And I do have a good deal of it dried too, which just adds to the fact that I will likely try it. With modern medicine as it is today, I think it would behoove us to have knowledge of some of the old remedies and know some things about natural ways to maintain our health. But it seems I start this kinda thinking every winter. Maybe its cause I am in the house with nothing better to do that read stuff that raises my curiosity. But the website I was reading from has tons of info on this herb and many other whole foods, how to naturally take care of your health. All on one cool site. Enjoy the read and I hope you can glean some healthy things from here.
We still have our cold temps this evening after night fall but today was kinda nice out. My thermometer was saying it was 40 degrees, but I think it lies more than the weather man. A lot of the snow melted but I think most of that was from the warm ground. Needless to say, I haven't been out there much today. Other than go to the freezer in the building to get something to fix for supper. We had venison stew with some "crunchy" not crusty french bread. Tomorrow it will be a nice big rotated chicken as Jason calls em. The last chickens I butchered we mostly left whole so I could roast them on the rotisserie in my toaster oven. I even have some cornbread dressing in the freezer from Thanksgiving that I will have with it. I might venture out to the cellar to see what else to fix with it. The fun part of the rotated chicken is gettin it all tied up so it will fit on the spit. I am sure if someone were watching me they would be in for a good laff or 3. I do have to say the birds look rather strange all tied up. Maybe I can take a pic to share with ya tomorrow.
So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Deb said...

High was 40 here too. Nearly froze while hanging out clothes. I may have to rethink about not wanting the dryer fixed, but I already bragged alot about it not being necessary so I may have to just deal with it to save face. God bless those pioneer women! Sometimes I'm my own worst enemy.HeHeHe.

The Apple Pie Gal said...

All this whining from you two over 40? 40??? Geez o petes, I don't think we scrateched 20 today!

Ok, on the herb thing, thank you for sharing that! I have a great couple of books and this year was supposed to be my year to transplant and expand my herb garden. Well it got transplanted and added to but then it tanked. So I am re-grouping this for the spring. But yeah, lots of stuff to consider and look into.

Ok...gotta go jump in my hot tub now. ;o)

I wish

stella said...

Suck it up Deb, its gonna git colder. its ok to brag, we love ya anyway when ya have to baackpaddle. Im a pro at it. lol
Di it got a lil warmer today while the sun was out, but dang the temp dropped quick after it went down.
Hot Tub? I got one o those big ole garden tubs in here, I had beans fer supper. Guess I could fill it with water and call it a "hillbillie jacuzzi" lol