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Friday, December 10, 2010

Here comes more nasty weather

I think we need to get ready to hibernate again. According to the forecast the nasty weather is headed our way again. Posed to get lots of rain and then cold and snow behind that. And trust me I did not ask for it. But today it was nice here. I went out to get my haircut before noon today and then made a swing thru town to get a few things that I needed and on home. Rodger had gotten all the materials to get our propane back up heater installed. When I got home he had that done and was trying the ignition on it. It works great. I do feel better knowing we have another heat source in case of power failure. My MIL had stopped by for a bit after attending a funeral here in town so I got to visit with her for a bit.Then Rodger went out to work on the corn elevator and get it put back together. I did get out and help him with that. So now its all back together and working. We went to the field where the grain wagon is sitting with the corn in it and got some out to feed Petunia for a couple days. Rodger is going to try and get the wagon out of the field early in the morning while hopefully the ground is frozen so when he pulls in to unload it wont rut the drive so bad. Sure would be nice if the rain held off till late tomorrow so we can unload the corn. But at least it is keeping well in the wagon. I was really concerned that it would mold and start to rot. But all is well there. While we were at the crib I did get some plastic and cover my potting bench and seed starting trays that had been setting out for lack of a place to put all that stuff from the green house. So that stuff is all out of the weather for now. Just hope we don't get a big wind and blow it off.
I got my first garden seed catalog of the season today in the mail. If and when I order seed this spring I will be ordering from Baker Creek Seeds. They sell only heirloom varieties of garden seed. I had ordered some onion seed from them last fall but dang it I didn't get them sown in the fall, so it will be spring on those. I am hoping with all the seed that I have saved over the last year that I don't have to order many this time around. They do get a lil expensive after a while unless ya wise up and start saving your own.  Not much else happening here right now. So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Deb said...

That's great news about the corn. I have been worrin about it. So I guess no heads are gonna roll! No snow in our forcast(sigh)just cold. I wish we would get just a few more 50's days so I could make hominy.....thanks for the outside tip!

stella said...

Hey deb, we got it in the crib finally. And just enough room at the door for me to stand and shuck and shell some for hominy. Thas muh project for next week.

small farm girl said...

I'm ready for spring already. lol. I think I might try that seed catalog too.