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Thursday, December 2, 2010

It is snowing, time to hibernate

It has been cold all day. I had a doc appointment this afternoon and then came straight home. The cold makes my joints hurt more so its best I avoid that if possible. My family doc is referring me to a Rheumatologist for further care. We think I may have arthritis in my joints that is causing the sore and stiffness not to mention the pain. I sure hope they have a solution because it sure limits my activities in life.
After I got home this afternoon, I make turkey noodle soup for supper. Sure was nice and warming after a day of being out in the cold. And I had turkey and stock left from Sunday dinner that I could not freeze. As you remember I don't have any freezer space. As I was cleaning up the dishes I looked out and it had started snowing. Not much on the ground but a light dusting. Just enough to make me want to hibernate. I do like staying in the house in winter when it snows. I might be in here till spring if we get a good bit of snow.
I got a text from Rob this evening and they have a lot of their stuff moved into their house. Yes they finally found a house to rent. I am so relieved. It is hard living in a hotel and eating out all the time. I am sure they are excited to be able to cook again. He said the temps there is mostly in the teens and lots of snow. He was used to our winters here in Kentucky, so I think that will take some getting used to. I feel better knowing they are in a place where they can do for themselves and be snug for the winter so far from home. I really am not looking forward to Christmas with my cubs so far from the den either. But he has a great job that he enjoys and his girlfriend there, and good opportunity for him to start a career that will provide well for him.
So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



The Apple Pie Gal said...

My favorite place to be, especially when it's cold at home! Looking out the window, enjoying the view and being all toasty! It is so comforting. I am glad you are staying in!! If you are in pain the last thing you want is the chills.

Thank goodness your son found a place to call their own. I am sure that is a very huge relief! No one likes eating out that much, do they? Especially with all the food their Momma raised them on!

Hope you are feeling better soon!

stella said...

Hi Di, I think my achy bones do feel better after doing near nothing today and stayin in outa the cold.
I sure hope my kids get moved in this weekend and can get groceries stocked so they can have home cooked food instead of all that greasy junk from take out places. They tole us that this summer prolly in July they will be home on vacation and they intend to drive that trip so they can take back some homecanned stuff. I think they do realize it is so much better for ya.