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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oops, its been a while

It has been a few days since I have posted on here. No I didn't fall off planet earth. I have just been a little preoccupied with different things. Jason is in a foreign country and I haven't heard from him for a few days. Makes a momma kinda nervous when she don't hear from the cubs. As you know he drives a truck and has taken a load to Newfoundland, the island off the coast of Canada. Yeah I know Newfoundland is an island and you wonder how he is driving there. It is by means of a ferry. He was to take a ferry from Nova Scotia to Newfoundland, drive 500 more miles, drop his load and take the same route back. Am thinking he should be back in he lower 48 first of the week. Cell phone calls are 79 cents a minute so those are out. Guess if he makes this trip again I will need a passport so I can ride with him. I think it would be so cool. Hes really living my dream doing what I have always wanted to do. So an email from him would be nice.
I have 3 appointments next week in Lexington with various doctors. So on Tuesday night I am going back to Richmond to spend the night with Rob and Amoy. I always enjoy time spent at their house. That is the one time I have someone pleasant to go shopping with. We will probably be going to look at a truck that Rob is wanting to buy while I'm there. He really needs a newer one. He is still driving the blazer that we own and has for several years. I don't mind him having it cause he does take really good care of his vehicles. Dang it stays cleaner than mine that don't git driven.
We are all hoping we don't git the snow that has been predicted for this area. Maybe it will stay south of us for the most part. Not that I wish bad weather on anyone. I can deal with the cold as long as the roads aren't slick. In my old age I have become quite the klutz. Not many people I know can fall off their own porch or in level ground, but I can. I have seen me do it. Other than cold, all is well on the home front. Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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