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Friday, January 8, 2010

I am glad the lied

I am really glad the weather man lied this week. We only got about an inch or so of snow. You can still see the ground in many places. In winter you can see the river from the front porch. It has patches of ice on it with snow on top of the ice. Also it hasn't been as cold as was predicted and for me that is fine. I went out this morning to feed Luna and the cats. Luna came running back to the porch and I ask her why she was messing up the snow and she got a sheepish look like she had done a big no-no. She wanted to play with the cats in the snow but they wanted no part of being wallowed in the snow.
This afternoon when the sun was shining I went out and let the pullets out for a bit. They were all excited when I opened the door but when their feet hit the snow, they hopped right back in the building. It is a chore to keep the water from freezing in the water pan for the birds.
I think I have finally got all the bed linens washed and changed around. I get bored in the house and feel the need to just change colors of things once in a while. I could probably be more productive if I got busy and finished my seed order for the spring. I have a lot that I saved from last year and some left from the planting last year. I would sure love to build another strawberry bed so I can plant more berries. I think I need to get more raspberries too. I have some grape vines that are going to be 3 years old so they should produce pretty good this year. Although the blueberries that I planted are not doing any good. I think if I ever plant blueberries again I will just plant them on the hill in back of the house in the edge of the woods and mimic their natural habitat. I am sure they would have done better. You live and learn I guess when you live on a farm. So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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