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Monday, January 4, 2010

Got some, getting more

Snow that is. We have been getting little snow showers every late evening for the past week or so. The animals are all doing really well with the cold. For some reason the cats sleep on top of the tarp covering the patio furniture on the porch most days instead of in their little warm place I made for them out of the wind and weather. Of course Luna loves the snow. She wont sleep in her dog house at all. She prefers to be on the porch on a blanket. Maybe to be closer to us or something. The pullets are still laying fine in this cold weather. Only issue is having to give them water several times a day. We are supposed to get more snow this week. We really haven't had any real snow with big accumulations, just a light blanket at night to cover the ground. We are also forecast for temps in single digits this weekend which is a little colder than it normally gets here in Kentucky.
I don't get out anyway so why should I worry about the cold. I do have sympathy for one who do have to work out in the cold weather. I do worry about Rob and Amoy driving to work in Lexington and Jason being on the road in the semi in this weather. But I am certain they all keep warm clothes with them in case they should get stranded.
Hopefully this cold weather will destroy some of the pesky bugs that devour the gardens in summer. The cold would kill more of them if it got really cold before it snowed, the snow does insulate some and protect the larvae. We have some grass seed that needs to be sown on the hill in back of the house where the soil was disturbed when we built the root cellar. In this area, the old farmers would sow their grass seed on top of a snow so when the snow melted it carries the seed into the ground. Really the best time to sow in while it is snowing. That way the snow covers the seed and the birds don't eat em as fast as you sow them. Just things to do in winter time on the homestead. Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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