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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Another canning day

Well the beans soaked overnight and I got the chili beans made and also canned some pinto beans with ham. I am usually the only one that eats em. I ended up with 14 quarts of chili beans for making chili and 8 pints of pintos with ham chunks. We do use a lot of chili beans in winter making chili. This is my kind of convenience food. Its easy to open up a jar of beans and have a meal. All the jars have sealed and will be put in the cellar tomorrow. I guess my next canning project will be to get the ham out of the freezer and get it canned up before it freezer burns. All good projects for cold rainy weather.
We have had rain all day, starting about 3 am this morning. The creeks are up and there is a tide in the river as well. We never get flooded out here but do get flooded in at times. Which I really don't mind. That guarantees no one will knock on the door. No I'm not mean, but a rather hospitable person. I do like company from time to time. But till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Jen said...

The beans look great Stelly. You rock! -jen

Mrs. Mike said...

Over the late summer, shelling beans, I was thunkin' canning these babies would be a good idea. I prefere the tender, but firm texture of the canned bean rather than soaked and cooked (for immediate use). A good day of labor for the ease of a screw lid tommorrow. I like it!

MA Fat Woman said...

A skillet of fried taters, along with the beans. What time do we eat?

stella said...

Hi ya'll an thanks. Nothin beats a big kettle of pintos an fried taters an cornbread. Good hillbilly food. I was thinkin about the bean canning as opposed to just cooking a kettle of beans. Its like cooking 14 kettles of beans for the same amount of fuel used to cook 1. And that jus makes good sense all the way around in addition to the convience.