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Friday, January 15, 2010

It feels like spring

The weather was so nice today. Temps in the 60's and sunshine. Gosh I really wanted to play in dirt somewhere but it still would have been more like mud. I actually got out on the back deck in short sleeves and sprayed the deck with the hose to get some of the mud off that the dog and cats have brought on there. Not like it will stay that way very long but it looked better for a bit. I am ready for spring now, am all done with cold and snow. It is supposed to be warm and sunny this weekend as well. The chickens sure did enjoy their time outside scratching around. They got their corn as usual and went about picking up grit. They always go straight for the remains of the compost pile that they tore apart this summer. They are still finding worms in the ground there and lots of stuff to eat. They eat very little of their laying pellets when they are allowed to roam in the afternoons.
I went out to town today, something I don't do often. I think everyone and their brother was at the local car wash cleaning the road salt off their vehicles. The only thing on mine was little cat paw prints from the cats climbing around being curious. I went out to visit my mom at the nursing home today and see how she was doing. She seems to be doing pretty good with her therapy. She keeps saying she is going home in another week but I don't think she will be walking well enough to do that. She just don't realize that she really needs more time and therapy to be able to manage well at home in her apartment. We shall see.
Rob had come home yesterday to visit and spent the night. He had ask me to fix him breakfast like he remembered when he was little. The same kinda thing I had when I was little as well. So we had bacon and I made gravy. In summer we would have bacon or sausage and gravy over a slice of tomato on white bread. That is just one of our comfort foods I guess. Not something a person would want everyday but it was a nice treat. Jason had a bacon sandwich. He is not much for the gravy and white bread. It was nice to have them both here for a bit together. And as usual it was like having 2 little boys in the house again. But I guess that is only a feeling that mommies would know. So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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Jen said...

Awwww Stelly. Im glad you had bof yer babies home fer a while. ~jen