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Monday, January 18, 2010

Been cooped up long enough

I have been cooped up long enough for this winter. I think I am solar powered. If the sun don't shine, I don't function well. It was nice outside today with temps in the 60's but the mud is awful. I need to get some fences put up so I can keep the chickens out of the flower beds and stuff without having to keep them in the building. I guess I am gonna have to set some post and put up some fences to direct their path to the far back yard and not allow them to be near the house. As spring approaches the strawberries, flowers and herbs will all be the first thing to green up and the chickens do like green stuff in their diet. I think I need to got the the farm store that went out of business and see if the fellow has any fence wire left over that I can get really cheap to use. Maybe I will do that tomorrow on my way out to the doctor. Also need to do some shopping around an get the building material to get my summer kitchen built. If we can get it all finished before the middle of march I can use it as a green house to start my seedling in for the garden. If not I guess I will have to use the swing set frame from the other house and cover it with plastic. My garden seed order should be here in a few days so I can sort everything out and decide what needs to be started and when. I think I just want to play in the dirt. Its just not normal for me to not have dirt under finger nails. Then when summer gets here that will get old too. As humans we are never satisfied. Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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