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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Humans with no self worth

It is hard to believe that there are people in this world that have no sense of pride, no self worth what so ever. They do exist as I have found out seemingly the hard way. I have a rental house here on the farm that I had rented to a couple, and once again with the idea in my mind that every one deserves a chance to improve themselves. And once again I lose faith in the human race. This woman had nothing, no furniture, nothing to keep house with. She begged, bummed and appeared a charity case to get what she needed to exist on in the house. They draw a check, my damn tax money, and will not pay their rent or utilities. They abandoned the rental house during this cold weather, now all the water lines are froze. More money out of my pocket. They got government assistance with paying deposits, rent and hooking up utilities. I went to the house today to check to see if the water was frozen. Knocked on the door and could hear something or someone moving inside the house. We called the sheriffs department to go in with us all to find the front door unlocked. Garbage is strewn all over the house with a small dog abandoned inside the house. Can you only envision the mess. All the water is frozen, so we shut off the water pump and changed the locks on the doors. They had left the oven on with the door open and a small heater running in the house. The dog had dragged some blankets in front of the heater. A total fire hazard. I was too mad to breathe at this point. This woman is younger than me and to my knowledge has never worked a day in her life. A leach on the back of society in my opinion. Somewhere in her mind she may think that I owe her a free place to live as the government has given her everything else. Do these kind of people have absolutely no pride or dignity at all? How can someone live by asking every charity organization they know for help? At what point do they run out of people to free-load off of? Well she has found that my name is not charity. Even her own daughter said this is how she does everywhere she goes. Damn, what was I thinking? This is my rant for the day. Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Jen said...

Im sorry to hear that the rental didnt work out. I cant stand people like that. Im glad you called the authorities. I hope that in time you find the right people to rent to . ~"jenny"

Chris W said...

That's horrible. People like that never change, they just use the system over and over and always seem to get away with it. And to imagine they left a dog there with no heat..suppose it had been a week before you got into the house, poor dog.
Maybe you can press charges, but it will probably be a waste of time since you'll never see money from those kinds of people. I'm with ya Stella, peopole like this sometimes make me lose faith in humanity as well.

stella said...

Hi jen, and chris, dang there is just no place in my life for lazy ass people these days. I got hurt WORKING and cant draw a damn dime and they drug it up and get everything for free. But I do sleep well at night, in MY house, in MY bed and I know where my next meal is coming from. God help em!


Anonymous said...

I hate to say but the government is sometimes the problem. I had a friend that had some houses in Indiana and one of them it took him 12 months to get someone out. The judge kept giving her more time. Sorry Stella for having to deal with this but maybe it was a little easier then it could have been.