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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A long day

It has been one of those days ya just don't want to get out of bed for around here. I had a doctors appointment this morning and a dentist appointment this afternoon. And my back just does not allow me to travel that many mile all at once anymore. I don't do well sitting in one position for long periods of time or standing or walking for that matter. But we made it home late this evening finally. We did have to make a few stops while we were out to pick up a few things that are not available here locally. We got a couple sheets of Styrofoam insulation to add to what is already around our water pump to make certain it don't freeze if the temps drop as low as they are predicting this weekend. I also picked up a couple heat bulbs so I can put one in the chicken house for the pullets so they will be warmer if it does get bitterly cold. Also this is our first season with the root cellar so we are monitoring the temperature in there. I would surely be in a pickle if all the jars of canned stuff froze because of negligence. We do need to pick up another couple (5 gallon) cans of kerosene to add to what we already have just in case of power failure. Then hopefully it wont get that cold. But we are a little better prepared if it does.
While we were out today I found a good price on clear plastic that I can use over the swing set frame for a little cold frame/green house this spring. As I will probably be at home for another couple weeks before I get out again I think it is a good time to get my seed order for spring sent out. I have been looking over seed catalogs for the past several days now and tomorrow I think I will finalize my order. Just looking through the catalogs at all the pretty flowers and veggies makes you think spring and warmer temperatures. Kind of a mind over matter thing. Maybe i wont notice it being so cold. Keep the home fires burning, till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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