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Sunday, February 10, 2013


Yep that is how I have felt all day. Rodger and I both have not felt well today. Not sure what the problem is but we thinking maybe its what we ate. He said he didn't feel good Saturday morning. We had hamburgers for supper on Friday night. It was store bought burger with store bought tomato and lettuce. That is the only 3 things we had in common. Don't think it was the tomato as we have eaten some of them prior and no problems. So that leaves lettuce and burger. So not sure if we got a stomach virus or slight case of food poisoning. Most people can fight off a case of food poisoning if they are healthy and have a healthy digestive system. We do get plenty of probiotics and eat mostly organic foods that we raise. RARELY do we buy meat from the store period but once in a while we just want a hamburger. Guess we have to stop that. OR change our source of burger. I got lots of venison burger in the freezer but it is far too lean to make a good sandwich burger. I guess we need to go to the slaughter house and get burger if we want to grill an occasional hamburger. Cause I sure don't like this nasty sick feeling and I am sure he don't either. There is a slaughter house in a neighboring county that will custom grind meat for you. Really they butcher all the time but if you want a certain amount or type of meat you can call ahead and go pick it up on a set day. I guess we need to get several lbs of burger and make patties to freeze.
I really wanted to work on baby Liam's quilt but sure did not feel like it. So we have both just rested and chilled today. Both of us have been OK drinking plenty of fluids, Rodger did eat some tomato soup and grilled cheese later this evening when he felt hungry and not sick. I had wanted to go see mom at the nursing home tomorrow but I sure don't want her with this nasty stuff. Gosh she gets cramps really really bad when she gets the simple stomach virus. IF that is what we had. Don't think I want to chance it. So guess maybe I will go on Tuesday.
I must get a haircut this week too. Gosh time is wasting, not long till our trip to see Rob and Amoy. My hair grows out so fast it is not even funny. I like keeping my hair cut short, sure makes it easier to take care of. Take a shower brush it in place and go. No fuss. I likes that.
It has rained most of the day today, not hard rain just a rain that makes the day look gloomy outside. But gosh its less than 40 days till spring. It will be here in a blink and we will all be so busy, too busy to think. I love spring and watching the earth come alive with all Gods creations. New lil animals being born, new plant growth. Kind of renews the soul to get a chance to witness this. I am looking forward to some hens sitting some eggs and hatching some babies. I sure have plenty of excess eggs to put under any hens that want to set. I got 14 eggs today. Kinda hard to find use for a dozen eggs per day. But I can try. I boiled a bunch of eggs today and made some egg salad to eat as soon as I feel better. I guess I need to start making homemade puddings and stuff that requires a lot of eggs. I still need to dry some eggs just to make sure I can and know how.
Nothing happening here today, so till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Andrea said...

It may have been the lettuce too, Stella... you never know. Was it the pre-cut, pre-washed lettuce? I know of a woman that got a bad case of e-coli & ended up in the hospital... from some pre-cut, pre-washed lettuce. The bag said "tripe washed & ready to eat" so she didn't think anything of it... but the bag was tested & sure enough... e-coli was found. She felt like a "dirty person", as if she didn't keep her kitchen clean or her food clean, but the doctor assured her that was not the case. Her doctor told her that even if a package of fruit or veggies says "ready to eat", wash it again anyway just to be sure. I learned a lesson from my friend's lesson!!

Anyway, hope you & hubby feel better real soon.


stella said...

Hi Andrea, we finally feel better. It is possible the lettuce was the culprit too but I took off several outer layers carefully just in case. I guess I have lost all trust in foods prepared or processed by someone else. Thas a bad spot to be in. What if everyone did this? Gosh. it would be tough. I guess we gonna have to stick to things we make ourself.