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Thursday, February 7, 2013

My best lotion recipe

I have had a decent day today. The weather has been nice out and I have the door open to let in some fresh air. I somehow got motivated today to try a new lotion recipe altered from one I found online. I really altered it a lot and I love it. It was not hard to make. Now I cant wait to shower and try it out. But here is how I did mine. I did use my normal herbal blend to make the tea for this lotion. ALL organic stuff too.


2 1/2 cups water (I have good well water)
a blend of herbs (calendula, golden seal, round leaf plantain, rose buds)
3/4 oils that are solid at room temp (coconut, mango butter, Shea butter)
3/4 cup oil that is liquid at room temp(almond, Castor, apricot seed oil)
1/3 cup bees wax pellets

Heat the water to boiling and stir in the herbs, cover and let steep over night. In the morning heat to almost boiling again and set off the heat to steep more.

In a large measuring cup fill to 3/4 with your choice of oils that are solid at room temp. On top of this add your 3/4 cup oils that are liquid at room temp along with bees wax. Melt in microwave till all is melted. Take out and stir often to get things melted together.

Strain 2 cups of the herbal tea into your blender container and put lid on without the hole cover in the middle.
Turn the blender on and stream the oils into the tea. It will emulsify pretty quick. Keep the blender on till all the oil is in and well blended. You may have to turn the blender off and on and scrape down the sides to get it evenly blended. Once it is blended scrape into the containers you want to keep your lotion in and let sit un-capped till it cools completely. Enjoy. The neat thing about this blend  of oils is that it will absorb into the skin well and will keep your skin moist all day with just one application.

You can tell from this photo how thick the lotion is after its blended. But not as thick as a creme type moisturizer would be.

My Kefir is growing like crazy. I put this in fresh sugar/molasses water yesterday evening and today it has grown a lot.

The line is the level of the grains yesterday and you can really tell how much they have increased in just 24 hours. Today I strained the grains out, made fresh sugar water for them and added them back and marked the level of grains on the jar again. Not long and I will have some grains to share if someone is interested.
This is very healthy stuff to consume. You can read about the benefits of Kefir here. I am sure hoping that will steady drinking the kefir water that it does make me feel better. So far, so good. If you think you have an over growth of yeast in your body you will want to consume a small amount of kefir water each day and work your way up or you may get a good deal of gas as the kefir kills off the yeast. I do know that just from a couple days of drinking the water kefir my belly don't feel so bloated. I can live with this.

Not much else happening here, so till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Carl Belken said...

Your lotion, looks too pretty to use, and on first sight, it looks like a bowl of butterscotch pudding! I'll bet it smells wonderful, and your kitchen smelt heavenly whilst you were making it.

Oh, my, your kefir is really going to town. To look at it's liquid, it reminds me of condensed apple juice. You're going to have kefir for to drink, bake with, read the other day, on a ladies blog, she uses hers to make her home made breads, with. Had no idea it was so multi-purpose!


stella said...

Gracie, I am pickled tink with my lotion, it works so good. Better than anything you an buy in the store. lol yeh it does look like pudding. I kinda smells like shea butter and mango butter. lol
The kefir is growing like crazy. I finally got rodger to drink some today and I do think it is one reason his tummy feels much better.