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Monday, February 4, 2013

Piddlin on Superbowl Sunday

I am not by any means a football fan nor do I watch. But I have watched 2 in my life. Many years ago in 1979  when Terry Bradshaw was quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers and they won against the Dallas Cowboys in the bowl I watched and today I watched as the Ravens beat the 49ers. I mostly watch for the commercials. I guess my favorite was the Dodge commercial with Paul Harvey and "Then God made a farmer". Guess that just hit home. Now I would have been all in if it had been a Chevy truck. I kinda half watched the game, I was busy cutting more strips and starting my rugs. I had a bright idea of sewing the strips together and make a very long strip and then use my huge crochet hook to "crochet" the strips into a rug.
I had lots of strips when I got tired of cutting them. Notice the huge scissors? And the glove? Well if ya use those scissors ya need that glove or you will have blisters all over your hands pretty quick. Or maybe I am just a wuss. Anyway I had already taken a pile of strips like the one to the left that you see and moved them to the sewing machine so I could stitch the ends together to make a long strip.

At this point I was adding on more strips and crocheting them as I got them attached. This hook is huge.

You can kinda get an idea the hook size by comparing it to a finger. It is fairly easy to work with. Although the jeans that I made strips from are a lil harder to manage.

This is what I got done today using the first bunch of light blue fabric from 2 old shirts and the tan is the legs of 1 pair of pants, the outer light blue is from legs of jeans. It is now about 18 or so by 24 inches. A good start for just piddling around with it. I will post more pics as I progress. Don't really like too much and this one will be big enough for the purpose I have in mind. Maybe I will get a chance to work on it some tomorrow evening. Anyway this is a functional use for old clothes that are stained and beyond hope. Not really fit to even donate. If I continue to feel real industrious I may make a really large one to use on the front porch for summer time. I think it would feel nice underfoot out there. Hey I could even make a chair pad for my nice willow porch chair that Aunt Ann gave me. I best quit thinkin before I get in over my head.

Not much happening here on the farm right now. Rodger got out today and walked around some on the farm, He said the fields are muddy and water logged. He found lots of deer trails up back of our house.  Just hope the fruit trees I have ordered don't come in too soon. Cant set trees in mud. At least I don't want too. Not only that I would sure hate to move wet chicken manure to mix in the soil to plant them.

Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Andrea said...

Is this single or double crochet, Stella? I *love* this rug idea!! Did you mention how wide the strips are? I'll have to go back & check. I don't crochet much but I have dabbled in it enough to know how. This looks nice & simple. Thank you for sharing the picture tutorial.


Carl Belken said...

Your rug is not only pretty, but made from sturdy materials that will last a long time! Am impressed with the pattern, and that it is crocheted in place, as you go, rather than needing to hand sew it; surely that too, will prolong the life of your rug.

To see how it is done, does make the thought of giving it a try, far less intimidating. Thank you for sharing.


Carl Belken said...

Your rug is so pretty, and made from sturdy material that will last a long time. Do so like that you have it crocheted into shape, rather than needing to sew it's shape, by sewing it by hand. Thank You, for sharing your project!


Carl Belken said...

Your rug is so pretty, and that you are making it from sturdy material, it should last a long time. Do like that you have crocheted it's shape, instead of needing to hand sew it.

Thank you, for sharing your project!


stella said...

Hi yall, yep andrea it is mostly single chain stitches. there is some double crochet as needed to keep the rug flat. About half way out to the edges I had to start doing the double so it lays flat. My stips were about 1 1/2 inches, when and if I need to do more they will all be 1 inch or less to make it easier to crochet. This was my learning experience for all of us. lol