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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Not sure what season it is yet

Our weather has been a bit wonky the last week. While we were in Vegas it was nice then rained and sleeted and we got back it was nice at 50 degrees. It was just like spring out today but it rained a bit. We even had thunder. They say thunder in February, frost the same day in May. That will not be good to have frost on May 25. Not good a tall. But it will do  what ever it wants no matter what we want. That is all in Gods hands. We are susposed to get snow flurries tonight and tomorrow now. Did I mention I do not like cold weather no more? Well just in case, I dont.

I think I am still tryin to rest up after our trip. We just lounged around all day Saturday. We went to Richmond to Lowes and Walmart on sunday. Rodger wanted to go get the materials to build lil Liam a toy box and I wanted to get some yarn to make a cocoon for the baby. So off we went. My body did not need to be traveling just 2 days after a long trip. I think it made the hurty worse. We picked up a few things at walmart and headed back home. Stopped by to see Rodgers parents in Richmond and came on home. We had stopped to see his sis Tammy on the way down. Her daughter Kim had surgery for gallbladder removal this morning and she is home now doing ok, hurtin a bit an gettin sore. So happy the gallbladder didnt flare up on her while we were all in Vegas. I think she and her momma had a pretty nice time. They got to do some sightseeing while they were there. Its always nice to see other parts of the country. Anyway back at home I ordered stuff to make more lotion. I took Amoy a small jar of the lotion and she loved it. She has really dry skin and she said it helped a lot. I do think I will change the emulsifier that I use to the vegetable wax as it helps emulsify the oils and water much better than beeswax and it is derived from a plant source. I dont use preservatives in my lotion so it has to be refrigerated if it is kept for a longer period of time. I think it would be fine for a month but longer it would need to be kept cold to prevent bacterial growth. I should get my order of supplies later this week.

Before we left for Vegas I ordered my chicks for meat birds. Used Cackle hatchery this time as I do think they have the same blood line that Marti poultry farms had. Not sure when they will arrive but soon I do hope so we can get them raised up and butchered off before we go to Nevada in May when the baby gets here. I dont think Jason and Mary Kay want to babysit 25 lil chickens. Matter of fact, I know they dont. The cornish require more attention than standard breeds to keep the temps just right for them. But we  hope to get the garden in and the greenhouse empty before we leave to. I guess I have to get the greenhouse up before I worry about getting it empty. I am out of plastic so will have to buy a roll to use this year. Maybe next year we can get one made from the polycarbonite panels. I can dream I guess.

Last post when I labeled  the wedding pictures with names I listed the wrong names for Amoy's mom and auntie. Her mom is Paula and her auntie is Pauline. See I tole you I was terrible with names. I do well to know my own name. Sorry Paula and Pauline.
The day after the wedding Matt (Robs best man and best friend) and Rob were going out to drive some fast cars. This was Matt's treat for Rob as a wedding gift. I think they had a blast.
Here are a couple pics of them and some of the cars they got to test run. Expensive fast cars I might add.

Rob in a Lamborghini. Dont he look cool?. I think he said one of the cars got sideways coming out of the parking lot. Imagine that!! Lead foot?

This is Rob in the Jaguar XKR-5. Pretty color, but too small and not practical here on the farm. But fun no less.

This is the lil red Ferrari. Now this I really like. But really have no need for one. But would be fun to take for a spin.

This  is Rob on the right and Matt on the left posing with their big boy toys for the day. I am sure these 2 had a blast. It was one of those once in a lifetime chances to do something. And these 2 guys like to hang out together. They have been best friends for 10 years. And Matt is really a great guy.

This is a pic of Amoy's momma Paula at the wedding. Some of these photos I just got from Tammy on Sunday so they didnt get posted on my last blog post. She is a sweet lady for sure.

This is Amoy's aunt Pauline with Rob. I got names switched on the last post. They know and understand how my memory is at my age. A really sweet lady.

This pic was from dinner on Wednesday night before the wedding next day. From left to right, Rob, Matt Vanover, lil ole me, and Tammy, Rodger's sister, my sis in law, Rob's aunt. As other family members post and send pics I will post more that I think you all might enjoy. So glad my wonderful readers can share in this special time with us. Thank you all for letting me brag and show off my sweet family.

Not much else happening here on the farm right now except the rain. So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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