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Saturday, February 23, 2013

I gave birth and our family expanded

Yep for those that know me personally, bet that title got your attention. I can hear the gasp now. But its really true. It was 31 years ago today that I gave birth to the most beautiful little baby boy I had ever laid my eyes on. He has grown into a fine young man that I am proud to call my son. I hear lots of moms and dad talk about how their kids have worried them to death, out doing dangerous stuff and stuff that could kill them. I am so blessed that I did not worry about those things as either of my boys were growing up. My motto is "give them wings, and give them roots". I guess we always second guess ourselves as parents but in the end I can say I am proud of Jason and fine young man he has become. I think he has finally found someone who loves him as much as his momma as well. This momma is happy. Happy birthday Jason. Love ya bunches.

And yep our family expanded this past week as well. We gained a beautiful daughter. So proud of Rob and his bride Amoy and so pray for a happy, healthy wonderful future for the 2 of them. Soon to be 3 of them. OK I know ya wanna see pictures. So here we go.

Yep thas my backside, sis in law Tammy was taking pics as the wedding progressed. Thanks Tammy, we all were so happy you and Kim and lil Harper were there to share this wonderful day with us.

This is the momma (me) and daddy(Rodger) of the groom. So love these 2 kids. What a joy this young man has been in our lives and this beautiful young lady has brought joy since we have known her as well.

This is the beautiful bride Amoy and her auntie Paula. I just wonder if this lil boy that is coming in May will be spoiled. I am thinkin, yeas.

This the groom and his groomsmen. Matt Vanover college roommate and best friend from Ky on the right, Matt Warnert friend and co-worker from Elko on the left. We got to meet a couple of Rob and Amoys friends from Elko at the wedding. All great young people. Kinda re-instills hope in humanity to know there are still many good quality young folks out there that are real and not so fake.

This is Stacy Warnert friend from Elko, and Sophia Boreland, sister of the bride. All 3 of these lovelies are live wires. So fun to watch them dance.

This is Amoy dancing with her brother Donovan, better known as Junior. He was such a nice guy. And oh my goodness can he dance. Not to mention his wife Kerry. They reside in New York so they have lots of opportunities to keep in practice.

I think most every one had to kiss the "baby". I am tellin ya it is gonna be rotten before it gets here.

Another pic of Amoy and Junior dancing with Robs aunt Tammy in the background.

This lil cutie is Amoy's lil niece Jovi who was the cutest lil flower girl ever and did a wonderful job scattering rose petals in front of the bride.

Sophia, Amoy and Rob in the limo after the wedding on the way back to the hotel. I am thinkin they had too much fun.

The beautiful bride and groom after the ceremony and at the reception.

The bride and groom at their table, with best man standing and aunt Tammy's backside.

Amoy's mom Vera standing left, with Kerry in back, lil sister Samara in the aqua dress, Sophia in turquoise dress and aunt Paula on the right. Sweet bunch o ladies.

A bunch of softies acting all tough. 

We had a great time visiting with all the family and at the wedding. There are more pics out there and I will share more later as I get copies of them. 
The mother/son dance went well. Rodger danced with Amoy. Not that he or I can dance but we can fake it. Anything for the kids. Love them dearly. I sure do not feel I lost a son but really gained a daughter. May God bless them both.

We flew from  Las Vegas on Friday morning back home. We left being kinda concerned with the weather that had blasted the mid west and north with lots of snow. We had no trouble on our flight. No delays in Detroit and made it to Lexington on time to finally arrive at our house about midnight last night. A good nights rest sure does a body good. I think Tammy and Kim finally got landed a couple hours after we did. They were flying American airlines and got delayed on the tarmac at Las Vegas and in Chicago. I still prefer to fly Delta. So far we have always got where we need to be on time with them. 

All was well on the farm, Jason cared for the chickens while we were gone. I went to close up the chickens tonight to find I have 2 hens that want to set. So I stuck eggs under one of them. Not sure if the other one is serious or just threatening. Will see tomorrow and if she is serious she will get eggs too. Before we left I got my Cornish cross ordered. This time I ordered from Cackle Hatchery. There are owned by the same folks that owned Marti poultry farms that I ordered the best chicks from in the past years. Not sure when they will be here. But hope soon enough we can have them butchered off before the first part of May. Luna was so happy to see us when we got home. I guess she thought she had been abandoned. She almost got in the truck with us when we pulled in. But now she knows we home. I think Possum thought we had runned away too, he was a lil shy when I first got here. But he is back to his routine now. He is at the chicken house when I close the chickens up for the night. He gets in front of me on the way back to the house till I tell him to go gt on the porch and lay down and I will rub his belly. And he takes off and gets just inside the gate on the deck and rolls over on his side so I can rub his belly for a minute and he is fine after that. He is sure a big boy. Long way from the lil orphan kitten that I nearly fell and killed myself to feed last summer. 

Not much else happening here on the farm today, so till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.




Deb said...

They sure look happy! May will be here before you know it, Granny. Hehe.

Carl Belken said...

Oh,my! Your Rob and his Amoy, are such a lovely, couple; and the pictures just exude their happiness, what a beautiful thing! Can't tell you how have enjoyed your photos! Is so good, to see a young couple so in love with a bright future in front of them. Yes, your photo's do renew faith in man-kind at large. May God richly bless them, and do wish them all the joy and happiness, they could ever hope for, and so much more!


Andrea said...

Love-love-LOVE all these pictures & what a beautiful couple... and a beautiful wedding!!! The bride's dress was almost as gorgeous as her smile!

What a joy-filled day. I can tell by the pictures. Thank you SO much for sharing with all of us out in bloggerland. I will pray that the new couple has many many years of happiness, good healthy & lasting memories ahead. Can't wait for 'tweet baby boy pictures come May too.


Cat said...

Great pics, Stella! Congrats on your expanding family. :D Boy, the next time you get near Michigan, I sure hope ya have time to visit a bit, I can show ya lots better sights than the Detroit airport!

Pokeberry Mary said...

Just doing some catch up.. its been so long. :) how lovely I got to see all the wedding pix! :)
Hope you are feeling well in this 'tween season' always tough on joints when the weather won't stay one way.

She Chef said...

How wonderful Stella!

I agree I think that baby is already gonna be spoiled! and it's not a bad thing...