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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Finally finished

I got finished with the second rug at about 4 this morning. I know I should be sleeping but when my hands got busy my mind took a vacation and I lost track of time. Normal for me tho. But any way I did get finished with them. I had some readers ask some questions so now I can answer them and let you see the end result. I cut my strips about an inch and a half wide, I highly recommend if you use a heavy weight fabric like denim cut them no more than an inch. It was tough working with the blue jean material on these rugs. I had a brain fart and put them on the porch today when I swept off the last of the melting snow and forgot to take pics till the rugs had been used. But none the less you can get the idea. Also when I was crocheting these I started just doing single crochet but it will start to curl after a few rounds unless you switch to double crochet. And with heavy fabric like I was using to keep them flat you may have to increase a stitch occasionally to keep it smooth too. I learned this making these. Ya probably ain't gonna believe me but I had to look up "crochet stitches" just to be able to tell you what the stitches were called that I used. Also instead of going thru just one loop in each stitch I went thru both just to add extra strength to the end product. The rugs are oval shaped when they are first put down but with feet wiping goin on they get disheveled and look roundish.

Working with heavy fabric will also make it fairly obvious where your stitches stop too. But a good learners project. Would be a great project for kids or someone learning to crochet. And functional too.

In this rug you can see the different shade of blue in the middle. When I was stitching the strips of material together I purposely turned some of the denim wrong side our just so it would vary the colors. Not a good idea if you want a neat pattern. I was just tinkering. Bet you could have guessed that knowing me. But it was a fun project to do. I will do more in the near future as I want a rug on the front porch under my willow chair for summer. Now to raid the closets again. Oh and I read that old tee shirts make great yarn for crocheting things like this. Hmm, that would make a great bath mat. To make tee shirt yarn you cut the tee shirts into 1 inch or half inch strips and then pull them and they roll up like yarn. Cool eh?

An online friend sent me some Kefir grains today in the mail. Have you ever made Kefir? It taste good and is good for ya. It helps put good probiotics back in the gut that is lost with age, taking meds, taking antibiotics, being sicky or just to keep you healthy. With all my issues I will take all the help I can get. I know my routine meds mess up my belly. So thanks Lina for the kefir grains. Gosh and are they lively. When the mail came today I opened up the baggie and made my sugar and molasses water and dropped the grains in there and within 30 minutes I had bubbles in the liquid. Now I will taste it tomorrow and see how it is and maybe wait till the day after to start another jar. It has a tart taste when it is ready. I have had it before and would mix it with juice or just drink it straight. I don't like the taste of plain water so maybe, just maybe I can make me drink more water this way. When I strain the grains out of the liquid I will try to remember to take some pics so ya can see what they look like.

Not much else happening here, so till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Andrea said...

Thank you, Stella, for posting more details on how you make your rugs! I simply adore them & am regretting all the clothes I have taken to Goodwill in the past. Ah well... perhaps they are being worn on bodies now instead of floors. There will be more castoffs to follow, I am sure. :)

Have a wonderful day!!


Carl Belken said...

Thank you so much, for sharing how you made your rugs and for the photos of them, they both are sooo pretty! Especially like your second one, for the colors in it. Gosh, they both look as if they were just laid down on your porch, and thinking about them a bit, since they are not huge, as so many you see, they surely would be easy to just throw in the washer, when they are in need of washing. Your hole project is just ingenious, an appreciate you sharing with us all!


stella said...

Hi andrea, most of the things I cut into strips were not good to begin with. Poor rodger wears his clothes to pieces. lol But they sure made hany rugs. With the crochet stitches as they are it leaves "holes" in hte rug so if someone has chunks of mud they kinda fall thru and I can sweep em off the porch.

stella said...

Hi gracie, you can make these rugs. I knows ya can, Its mostly simle chain stitch and some double crochet to keep it flat. really easy if you know the basics of crochet. The holes left from the crochet lets dirt and mud fall thru so I pick up the rug, shake it off and sweep the dirt off. ITs all good.