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Friday, February 1, 2013

Quilting and sewing

For a hillbilly that is one thing I have not done, make a quilt from start to finish. But some online friends are getting out their sewing stuff so am thinking that might motivate me to work on Liam's baby quilt. As far as needing quilts for use, I don't NEED more per se. I have lots of quilts, some new, some old and some even older. I thought I would share some pics of those with you all.

This is the quilt squares that my grandmother embroidered and the fabric that I am using to make the baby quilt for Liam. IF I ever get started on it. 

The quilt above was made and finished by my mom and her sister Connie, that is now deceased. Some too pretty to just store away.

This quilt is another one that mom and Aunt Connie made when Connie was sick and mom stayed with her.

This is a quilt top that Aunt Connie made given to me a few months ago by Aunt Ann. After I get the baby quilt finished I am going to try to finish this quilt. Maybe by then I will have enough knowledge to do it. 

 This is an applique quilt that mom made before dad passed away. She made quilts for a couple years when dad was not doing well and didn't get out much.

This is Rob's baby quilt that Rodgers mom made for him when he was born. I am taking it to them when Liam is born so he can use his daddy's quilt too.

 This is some pillow case sets that my maternal grandmother made. I am going to use them. I think these kinds of nice things last just as long being used as they do being stored. I gave Jason and Mary Kay a set to have and will give Rob and Amoy a set too. Just so they can have something made my a great grandmother.

This is an antique quilt that I have, not sure who made this one but it is in excellent shape.

This is a silhouette of Rob that mom used as a pattern to make a quilt for him. Pretty neat eh?

This is a neat farm quilt with the tractor and corn applique. Mom also did this one. This is in the master bedroom and the headboard that you see is one that Rodger built several years ago. He does some really nice wood work when he is in the mood. He has to get in the mood soon to build a toy box for a lil boy. 

Not much else happening here on the farm, so till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Andrea said...

Stella, what beautiful beautiful BEAUTIFUL quilts!! It was a real treat seeing them today & reading the stories behind each one. Thank you for such a lovely posting!!


doubletrouble said...

Very nice quilts, Stella; lotsa folks around here would be envious!
And R does nice woodwork- my envy for that skill quality borders on sinful...

Carl Belken said...

Thank you for sharing the photos of your beautiful quilts and embroidery. Can only imagine, the time invested in them all.
If only a person could 'hear' the conversations, these finely worked quilts overheard, as they were being hand sewn...all the ladies, hopes and dreams. Just the thought of what was said, adds even more value to your invaluable keep sakes.