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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Finally working on the baby quilt

I know you are saying "bout dang time". Well I know, I do procrastinate some. But I got my neat cutting mat and rotary cutter in yesterday and figured I may as well do some cutting and see what happens. It was not a hard project. But I learned something already. When making quilts, have all the fabric the same quality, I guess that's the right word. The lil bears that my Granny embroidered were on a thin sheet like material and the fabric I bought to set the quilt up with was a lil heavier cotton. I did the usual wash and dry the material before I started so it wont shrink later. But the squares the bears are on have a little more stretch than the fabric I bought. So I had a really hard time keeping everything straight. But I did get the sash pieces and border pieces sewn on today.

I think it will be kinda cute once it is complete. Not done yet. Still need to put in the batting and finish the edges. I really want to get this thing complete before we got to Vegas so I can take it to Amoy and Rob. Some of the things that Amoy has chosen for Liam's room have bears on them and the rest have lil monkeys. Its gonna be so cute. She has really good taste when it comes to decorating. When I get the quilt done I will start on the cocoon for the baby and a lil hat to match. Ya reckon I am getting in over my head here? Probably, but thas OK. Nothing I haven't done before.

Not much else happening here on the farm today, so till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Carl Belken said...

Ohhh Myyyyy,

Liam's quilt is simply beautiful! You are making a keep-sake that will be treasured for years to come! And your looks as if you have been making quilts forever. The workmanship in your quilt, is just lovely, from two generations, of Liam's Grandmothers.


stella said...

Thanks Gracie, I enjoy learning new things and this for sure is new to me. lol now to find good thread to do the tacking with and I be set. I hope lol