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Thursday, December 31, 2009


Its New Years eve and a time of reflection. Looking back to see where I have been and looking forward to see where I want to be. Then planning the trip into next year. In our youth we have so many plans for our future and how things will be, then something happens and it all changes. In my youth I had planned on working about 20 years and retiring to the homestead and becoming as self sufficient as possible. I made 11 of those years and then got hurt at work. That sure changed the plan a good deal. Now the plans include enlisting more help to do the things that I had planned on doing myself. This new year I would like to expand my herb garden and knowledge of medicinal herbs for personal and family use. I would also like to get an orchard started for fruits to can and preserve and sell. Also would like to have fences built in order to have some livestock for meat and to sell. Not sure, maybe cows, hogs, sheep, or possibly goats. Would prefer a cow for milk and for meat. I have chickens and would like to be able to grow more feed for them instead of buying it. I really want to raise hogs to butcher for the freezer. Then my thoughts take me to a place to can and process all this stuff. I need my summer kitchen built, it will double as a green house in early spring, and butcher place when needed. I would like a gas range in there to use when the power goes off here. We are giving great thought to putting in a new heat system for the house. An outside wood fire furnace boiler unit that uses hot water to provide heat. And while we are at it maybe a geothermal cooling system. Gosh so many plans and dreams and so little money or energy. But all this is attainable with some hard work. But the first thing on the list of things to do is to get myself in better physical and mental shape. If I am to do any of this stuff I first have to concentrate on getting me healthier. Maybe the new year will motivate me to work on ME more.
So with all the reflections in my mind maybe its time to look at the seed catalogs and decide what to plant in the garden next year. We have a root cellar now so storage is not a problem for the canned stuff and root crops. I would like to grow more beans to dry. We use a good many dried beans in different things around here. Then there are flowers, I love em. I have perennial flower beds that are doing well. Although I do like the annuals for quick variety of color. More varieties maybe are in order. And I think I shall order more strawberry plants and make another bed for them. I have many plans, now if I only had a strong back to do it all. But if I were to make a new years resolution it would be to take care of me first and do the things I enjoy and not what everyone thinks I should do. I do hope your new year is filled with all the good things you need, and health to enjoy them. Till next time, many blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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