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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

One of those days

Did you ever have one of those days when you just wish you had not gotten out of bed in the morning? Dang, seems I have a lot of those lately. But I did get up and maybe got a few things in order. First off had to deal with nurses at a hospital that do not care what happens to patients when they leave their care. They have no consideration for the patient or family. My mother is in just such a facility after a fall and broken hip. She will require placement in a nursing home for an extended period of time, probably indefinitely. Sad part is if she had been able or so inclined to humor the staff into thinking that she could provide care for herself she would have been sent back to her apartment, no questions ask. And even with me, her only child telling them differently. But God must have intervened on my behalf and she told them she would go to the local nursing home at free will. That was somewhat of a relief. So she may get to come to the nursing home on Friday for re-hab and a long stay. One day at a time.

The weather was really warm here today, not that I was able to be out much. Then late this evening we started getting some rain. Forecast is for colder temps for the next several days. Maybe good soup weather is ahead.

On a lighter note, well kinda, when I went out to give Luna her meds today she had a "thing" on her nose. And with a little closer look, it was a tick of all things. I would have thought ticks should have been froze out in our area by now. But sure enough it was a tick that had got a good belly full of Luna's blood. We did manage to get it off with a little effort. She was a happy camper after the wrestling match. She is doing much better with her leg, not limping much at all. So I think the meds worked and she can skate by this time without surgery.

I had planned on making hominy this week but as usual it never pays for me to plan anything. Still think I might get to that project this weekend if I can scare up some help. Good homemade hominy is quite tasty and very nutritious. We shall see. So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



rvans said...

Love to follow your blog, I especially enjoy your recipes. Please be sure to post the hominy recipe. My family owns a piece not far from you in Mercer County. I would love one day to retire to the farm. Your blog allows me to vicariously live my dream.

stella said...

HI rvans, welcome to our lil piece of heaven. Am sure glad you enjoy the read. I didnt think I was that interesting. lol
I will get the hominy made soon an will post details and methods. This week has really beat me so maybe next week I can get to that.
Have a great day!