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Monday, December 21, 2009

I got to brag a little bit

As a mother I have to brag a little bit here. From previous post you know our youngest son graduated college this past Saturday at Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond. We missed the graduation ceremony due to the nasty weather we had here in the east. Although we did get to have dinner with Rob and his girlfriend Amoy,(adopted daughter lol), Jason and Matt, a friend of Robs. Amoy took some good photos for us to keep and I am sharing some of those in this post. Rob now has his Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health Science degree. He has spent the past 5 years at EKU going to school full time and working part-time at Eastern State Hospital. He graduated from Oneida Baptist Institute in Clay County prior to attending EKU. It seems like only yesterday that I put this cute lil blonde haired boy on the school bus to go off to kindergarten. Gosh how time flys. Hard to believe at time that our 2 boys have grown into fine young men that we are so proud of. OK I think I am done bragging now. So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Jen said...


I am so happy that he is done and graduated from college. What an accomplishment. Much luck and good wishes for him. Those are nice pictures.


stella said...

Hi Jenny, they clean up pretty good eh? Am so glad he is finally done with school. Just wonder whats next.