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Monday, December 14, 2009

Puttering thru winter

Sometimes I think I am just puttering thru the winter trying to make it till spring. Kinda looking forward to gardening time again. Although we haven't had any really bad weather it has been cold, at least to me. We finally got the fence put back up around the onion bed today so we can let the chickens out in the afternoons. They do enjoy being out and they just lay better eggs when they are allowed to roam a bit. And this gives Luna something to do keeping an eye on the chickens. She does keep things a lot more secure around here. She lets us know when something or someone is around.

I went out again today to moms apartment to continue the process of cleaning up and packing her stuff for storage. Not really a lot of stuff to pack, I can only do a limited amount each day. The earlier part of the day was spent taking care of things around my house and getting laundry done here. I had thought that when winter got here I would have some free time to cook and bake and do some reading. I would like to start crocheting again, it has been a long time since I did that. But there are still more important things to do before I have that free time.

Our youngest son, Rob graduates from college this weekend. I am so happy for him to have that behind him and to be able to get on with his life. We are quite proud of him and wish him great success. God bless ya Rob. Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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