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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Its the simple things

I guess it is the simple things in life that I enjoy most. Yesterday was my birthday and I had decided to visit a friend of mine in central Kentucky. My friend Rosie had broken her ankle and had surgery the same day I had elbow surgery. She has recovered fine but her incision is not closing up. The docs have left a stitch in there that is irritating it. I just wanted to visit and encourage her a little bit and I always enjoy time spent with them on their little farm. Jason went with me and drove. We had a nice lunch with Rosie and her family and I got to look at some of her painting that she has done while sitting on the bed elevating her injured foot. Such a good artist. I was like a kid at Christmas time. She had knitted me a pair of sock. I love em! That is one of the things I never learned to do well. It is the little things like this that I treasure most in life. When I have warm toes I can think of my dear friend. In the meantime her hubby Sam was in the barn checking on the animals and spoiling them like he does. He came into the room with a little lamb in his arms that had been born in the night. They had 2 ewes and 3 new babies. I was born and raised on a farm and we didn't have sheep so that is my first time in life getting to hold a new lil lamb. They are so precious. Such trusting humble little creatures. I really wanted to put him in my pocket and bring him home. But we took him back to the barn to his momma. He followed his momma a while then the dogs for a bit. Gods little creatures can sure warm your heart, much the same as good friends do from near and far. So till next time, be warmed by those you love, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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