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Monday, April 25, 2011

What? No rain today?

It was a beautiful day out today. Rather warm, sunny all day, high in the 80's. The plants in the greenhouse love the heat and I do think they grew an inch today alone. The yard was finally dry enough for Rodger to mow this evening. And after he finished with the mower Jason got his yard mowed. The only thing that really don't like the heat is the chickens. The Cornish do get hot with the least bit of hot weather. The have such fast metabolism they can over heat pretty quick. Probably tomorrow I will need to put the fan in the building for them. Good thing I had already gotten one when we were out of town last week. I did sow more pepper seeds today, some thyme, and a few flowers. I have had a rough time getting the peppers to come up. It is a lil late for me to start them but I did anyway. If they don't get big as I want then I guess I will have to pay my friend a visit that has a greenhouse. I know she has peppers. I just always like to start the varieties that I prefer and always heirloom too. But if I want peppers that may be my only option.
The big garden was dry enough for Rodger to get the disc run in there this evening as well. IF it don't rain between now and tomorrow evening we plan to try and get the sweet corn and beans planted over there. If only the rain held off for a few more days we might actually get the field corn planted that we use for cornmeal. But I wont push my luck. If we can get in the garden tomorrow evening I am gonna try to get the fertilizer put on the stuff that is already  up and growing.
I noticed today while I was in the greenhouse that my sage had sprouted and come up that I started a few days ago. Still waiting on the peppers and lavender that I sowed at the same time. I just hope that by time all the herbs are ready to transplant that I can find dry enough weather to get the herb bed extended. It will sure go a lot faster now that we have the bucket on the front of the tractor.
Not much else happening around here, so till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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