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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Done cleaning for a while now

I think I am done house cleaning for a lil while now. Today Rodger was home and I conned him into helping me move furniture in the master bedroom so I could shampoo carpet in there. So I got that all done. Then I had a lil energy left and decided to shampoo the other 2 bedrooms. Both of the smaller bedrooms had rather large desk in them. One desk was Robs that he no longer wants and the other was Jason's that he no longer needs. So I decided to take them both out of the bedrooms to make more room. I think I will put both of em on Craig's list and just be done with it. Both are in excellent shape. Sure made the rooms seem lots bigger. Anyway I ended up cleaning carpet in both those bedrooms today as well. Now they are all nice and clean, ready for company. Wonder who it will be first, Deb or Jenny. I think I need to make a sign to hang on the door with frequent guest names just for fun. I am no artist be any stretch so maybe next time I visit my friend Rosie I can ask her to make the signs for me. And hopefully she will get to come visit as well.
The weather was nice here again today, sunny, warm, with a nice breeze so I opened the windows while I was cleaning. Not so sure that was a good idea with all the pollen in the air. We have lots of pine trees behind our house and the pine pollen usually sends me into bronchitis in the spring. I am sure hoping I can duck that this year. But anyway I have been trying to keep the temps rather warm in the greenhouse for the past few days. It helps if I just open the door to let in fresh air instead of the door and window. The plants seem to just grow better with the heat as opposed to it getting cool in there from the fan and with ventilation. I guess I need to purchase another box fan to use in the brooder house for the chicks too. They were scattered out today when it was warm outside. They were a lil hot from the heat light being on. But they are still young and they sure don't tolerate the cold. The lil fan I had in there has died I guess from all the dust that has gotten into over the past few years. But those cheap lil fans don't last long anyway.
Not much else happening here on the far, so till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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Deb said...

Jen can just pick me up on the way!