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Saturday, April 9, 2011

The strawberries are settled in.......

I am pretty sure the strawberries and raspberries that we transplanted last evening are settled into the ground well. We had storms forecast for last night an none materialized. I was kinda hoping for a lil rain to get the strawberry plants off to a good start. We today we got the rain. I know we had sufficient rain to settle them in or possibly float them off the the river. It rained cats and dogs here this afternoon. No storm to speak of but the rain came down in buckets. I didn't go to the garden this evening because I guessed I would sink to my knees in the mud. So maybe I can go check on the plants tomorrow if we don't get more rain. 
When I went out to check on the baby chicks today I stopped by to look closely at the asparagus bed. I got a few asparagus spears peeking thru. Maybe this coming week I can have a mess of fresh asparagus. I can hope, right?
I went to the greenhouse this evening to check on things and turn off the fan. I set the cabbage plants aside that need to be transplanted to the big garden.  When I started the cabbage seed really early I put potting soil in a flower pot and sowed the seeds in the soil. When the plants were about 4 inches tall I took some out and put them in the cell packs to hope and get some growth on them before time to plant them. There were a bunch left in the flower pot and I set it aside. Today looking at the difference in the cabbage plants, I think next year all my plants will be started in deeper containers and just left to grow till time to pull them out for transplant. The cabbage plants that are in the flower pot are twice the size of the ones I moved to the cell packs. Not sure  why. They all got the same food, water, and light.  So lesson learned. Start em in pots and leave em till time to put them out in the big garden. I remember when I was lil, dad and mom would take an old dish pan with holes in it and fill it with dirt from the garden to start tomatoes and cabbage in. And they would also sow a bunch of seeds in the tobacco bed when it was done. They always had tons of tomatoes and plenty early too. The longer I live the more of the old ways I find to be better.
So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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Ruth @ Hope, Joy and Faith Farm said...

We've had two days of no rain, just enough for the mud to start to drain off... More predicted for tomorrow. Darn. I have totally forgotten my asparagus, maybe I'd better go check it. Thanks for the reminder. Sounds like you've been busy.