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Friday, April 29, 2011

It's dry enough to get in the garden!

Its hard to believe that with as much rain as we have had with only an intermittent day of sunshine that the garden would be dry enough to plow. We went to check on the strawberries and raspberries that I had transplanted a few weeks ago and be damn the strawberries are blooming and some have berries on them. They look great. I do have the fertilizer now so I will try to get that on there tomorrow to boost them along. The stuff we have planted in the big garden is looking good and growing in spite of all the rain. It will get fertilized tomorrow as well. The plan is to plant the white heirloom corn that we use for cornmeal and stock feed tomorrow and get the garden planted as well. It is pose to rain again on Sunday evening. Rodger got the corn ground disc up this evening so it should be ready to go for tomorrow. That will be the first chore on the list. Then the garden.
I have not got a lot done today and to beat all it was a nice day too. All I managed to accomplish was extending the side walk that leads to the back of the house to make it look a lil more finished. The guys had put a big rock step in front of the summer kitchen for me.  I put landscaping timbers cut to fit on each side to finish it out and filled the spaces in with gravel. My lil chainsaw sure came in handy fer cutting the timbers to size. I really don't want to plant directly in the soil in that area as it would never survive the foot traffic and gettin stepped on daily. But with the gravel in place I can set planters there if I do want flowers or maybe herbs. I think herbs would be a good idea as it is in front of the kitchen back there.
The plants in the greenhouse are big enough to transplant now. Likely those will not go in the garden till next weekend to be sure to miss any possible frost. As crazy as our weather has been tho who knows. The only thing that will get transplanted tomorrow, time permitting, will be cabbages and broccoli. Tomatoes wait till next weekend.
Maybe if they don't work me to death tomorrow I can get some pics of the happenings here. Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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