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Monday, April 18, 2011

Nice weather again today

We had nice weather today. Well if you can call cloudy and warm nice. It did warm up a good bit in the greenhouse today tho which I was happy to see. The plants in the greenhouse just seem to grow better when it is hot. The cool nights can really stunt seedlings. My dad always said the plants were maturing and aging whether they were growing or not. Then when you transplant them they don't get as big as they should which translates into less fruit. I sure don't think I will seed anything in the greenhouse next year till about the second week of April. It should be warm enough by then for them to come up and take off good. In our area I think heavy frost and hard freezes are past us now. I saw firefly's out tonight. Another one of those things dad alas said, "when the fireflys are out the killing frost are past. It is still a lil too wet to get in the fields yet so no garden planting for us yet. And it has started to rain here tonight as I write this post.
I haven't done anything outside today other than tend to the greenhouse and take care of the lil chickens. Some how I got the hair brain idea to shampoo carpet today. So that is what I have done. Just hope I can still walk tomorrow. I am sure I will be pretty sore from all the furniture moving I did today. Rodger is off work tomorrow for Passover and I am hoping to talk him into helping me move furniture out of the master bedroom and shampoo the carpet in there. It surely needs it bad. Pretty sure there are lil dust animals living up under things and around the edges of the room. I think I get the motivation to do some deep cleaning when it has been nice and sunny outside and in my mind I think I am gonna be really busy all summer and not have time to clean. At least that is my hope anyway.
Not much else happening here on the homestead. So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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