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Sunday, April 17, 2011

One day without rain, sunny and nice

It has been nice out today. Sunny and kinda warm, the wind kept it from getting too warm I guess. But the wind does also dry the ground a good bit. Sure am hoping to get some things planted this week if the rain passes around us. But the forecast is for showers everyday except tomorrow. We shall see. I did get out an take some pics so you all can see how things are coming along here.

 The herbs are growing in leaps and bounds with all this rain we have had the past few weeks.
This is the row (75 ft) of raspberries that my friend Rosie had given me several weeks ago. They really look great. They will be getting mulch very soon.

 This is the 4 Rows of strawberries that were transplanted on the other side of the raspberries. They will get plowed and then they get mulch also. It is a good thing we planted them on ridges or the rain may have drown them out.

 This is a shot from the river bank from the end of the raspberry and strawberry patch. It is probably 40 or so feet down to the water level. If it ever gets the berries we will sure need an ark.

 The onion bed at the house has out done its self this year. These are the walking onions. In the fore ground is the asparagus. I think it will be best for the plants if I let them go till next year to harvest. It takes a few years for the plants to grow and establish and provide a good supply of asparagus and still have enough fronds to feed the crowns so they will multiply.

 My little chicks are happy and healthy. Did I mention they are growing so fast. They are only about 10 days old now.

This is a pic of the end of the garden that we have planted. We have onions, peas, beets, carrots and cabbage already in here. We always plant our garden in blocks. This does help the plants that need pollination to pollinate better if you have short rows instead of just a few long rows. This is especially true with corn and beans.
OK so now you have a glimpse of how things are growing here on the homestead. I am surprised we have this much done with all the rain that we have had this spring. Here in Kentucky we have some short lil winters that come in spring. There is dogwood, red bud, both of which you get some cool rainy weather. After those we will have another short cool wet spell when the wild blackberries bloom out. Then we should have nice weather from then on out till fall. It really take warm weather for plants to do well in spring. The seedlings in the greenhouse are healthy looking but they don't seem to be growing as fast as I think they should. But of course I am always in a hurry to get them up and big enough to transplant. Then when they are I am fussin cause it rains and is too wet to transplant. So maybe I need more patience. That is NOT one of my finer qualities.
So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Pokeberry Mary said...

Gardeners never think the weather is perfect do they?
We ducked the big storms yesterday. Wow. We had lots of wind and rain but thankfully nothing dangerous here, or at my kid's. My garden is doing very well but not near so big as yours. I hope you have lots of help, I'm amazed at what you have done already!

Jen said...

Stelly...Thank you fer sharing such wonderful pictures. What a beautiful place you have!!! The herb bed looks really nice. The pic of the herb bed shows some nice scenery. I'll make it there someday..I promise. ~'Jenny'