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Saturday, April 2, 2011

I got new toys !!!!!!

OK so once in a while a girl needs to have new toys. Don't let ya mind fall in the gutter here now. I got toys to do outside chores with. As you know I spent last week with my aunt Ann in west Ky and on the way home stopped to see my friend Rosie an her hubby. Well both Rosie and Ann have chainsaws and I tole Rodger I wanted a small chain saw too. I was reminded I am not allowed to have a ladder and he insisted on knowing why I thought I needed a chainsaw.  I think I kinda freaked the fellers out a lil. In the process of discussion of what would be most beneficial on the farm and multipurpose we settled on a Craftsman Cordless chain saw. I just wanted something to cut small brush around the edge of the yard cause I cant to well manage a brush axe. Also light weight so the guys can keep it on the tractor to trim tree limbs so they don't take the new muffler off the tractor. Yep, the muffler got knocked off with a low hanging limb in the field. So I now have a lil battery powered chain saw. Its so cute. I got the battery on the charger so maybe I can try it out tomorrow. While we were out getting my saw noticed Sears had another tool set that used the same kind of battery pack. The tool kit has a reciprocating saw, (great for cutting down the back of a hog after its butchered) , a drill, light, an a cordless bagless hand vac. We were looking for the reciprocating saw and for just $20 more I got a handy hand held vac to do minor pickup in the house. So needless to say SOMEthing will get cut up tomorrow. Then it was off to the gun store to find me a good .22 rifle to shoot critters out of the garden. Yep, I got one a them too. See I'm not ya normal woman. Most women go shopping for clothes, me I go get new tools. Oh an I about forgot, I also got a new heavy duty dump wagon for my 4 wheeler. We got to try the wagon out when we got home from shopping and went to plant the fruit trees. We had 13 trees to plant and the wagon was ideal to haul them and the tools to the field. The dump bed works great too. Will be very easy to move dirt to build new beds for flowers and strawberries up here nearer to the house. OK enough about my new toys.
The things in the greenhouse are coming up and looking great. All I really need is more room in there or at least more benches. The benches are full and so is the floor and I still have more shrubs to re- pot as soon as they develop roots. I have about 4 different kinds that will need to be potted in the next few weeks. Not to mention the rest of the grapevines that will -prolly make roots too. Tomorrow I will need to get the brooder house ready for the baby chicks. They should arrive early next week. The building was cleaned out this past winter so all I really need to do is move all the stuff that is stored in there to somewhere else and put down bedding and get the heat light up and feed an water tanks in. Shouldn't take too long to do that. I sure hope our weather warms a bit this coming week. This cold stuff is really getting to me. I cant remember the last time we had to run the heat this late in the spring. But it has been getting down in the low 30's at night here. A few nights we have had to run heat in the greenhouse. They are giving showers for several days next week and a wind advisory for tomorrow. So cant open the greenhouse if the wind is too strong or the greenhouse becomes a kite. Just have to wait and see what tomorrow holds for us.
So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Ruth @ Hope, Joy and Faith Farm said...

I've been hinting for a small chainsaw for awhile. I may need to show hubby your post as another reminder. I understand about the different take on "new" things-heck with flowers, I'm thrilled because I bought myself new rubber boots yesterday that don't leak (a must-have here in Oregon).

Jen said...

Im so excited fer you wif the new tools! I love new tools. The wagon/cart will come in very handy. I got a used one a coupla years ago that also dumps, now if i can only git the riding mower going. Let us know how yer new saw works for u. -'Jenny'

Claygirl said...

Hey, Lady, sounds like you got yourself lots of new & useful things there! Look out for Stella!
You'll really like the dump wagon. Sure makes unloading things much easier. Sounds like Rodger planted quite a bit while you were gone. Good for him. Temps are bound to warm up soon. I'm afraid it's going to be one of those years that it's going to step right into summertime when it decides to warm up.
Have fun with your toys, but not too much fun. Just be careful with all of them. - Sheri "Claygirl"