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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The garden is planted!

The weather turned in our favor today, no rain, sunny, almost hot, and the ground was dry enough to plant the garden. We got started early this morning with Rodger running the disc in the corn ground again to get it ready. I had to make the run to get fertilizer while Jason was using the other tractor to plow the place for planting potatoes. I went to Jason's house to get the seed potatoes cut up and ready while Rodger left to go for more diesel fuel. As I was getting done cutting up taters Rodger called. He had gotten the fuel pumped and had left his wallet at home. So off I go back to town to take his wallet so he could pay for the fuel. That makes 2 days in a row I have had to go rescue Rodger. Last evening on his way home from work he stopped in town with Jason and locked his keys in his truck. He ain't allowed off the farm tomorrow.  We all arrived back at home. Took a break and had a quick lunch. Then off to get the corn planted. Rodger planted corn while Jason and I hoed and side dressed the garden stuff that was already up. Jason plowed it out after I got the fertilizer on. We got all our sweet corn (open pollinated) planted (10 rows about 75 ft long), the tobacco worm beans ( 2 rows about 75 ft long), with a plot between the 2 kinds of corn for tomatoes and peppers. I planted 2 rows of Ky wonder bush beans about 50 ft long and transplanted the remainder of the cabbage plants and about 20 broccoli plants. The other small seeds will all be planted in a week or so when we transplant the tomatoes and peppers. We had planned on planting the potatoes in a small plot near Jason's house that dad used for a tater patch long ago. He had the ground plowed and worked up but we still needed to run the rototiller thru it to get it just right. We are talking sod ground that had not been plowed in probably 20 years or more. Needless to say that lil piece of ground will have to lay out for this year to let the green matter break down before it will be really good to plant. So load up all the "stuff" and back to the big garden to plant the taters. We finally got those in just before dark. We had 2 rows about 150 ft long and 1 row about half that long. Talk about a long azz day and I am one tired pup. I think we all are tired enough to sleep good tonight.
They are giving rain for us in the early morning hours but not much of a chance. I am hoping it will hold off one more day. If it don't rain the plan is to get the strawberries and raspberries plowed out and fertilizer put on them. Then I can mulch the berries. If the weather holds long enough I would like to get the 2 beds built here at the house for herbs and small veggies out back. If not that will be OK for another week or so.
I had mentioned last post that I would take some pics today to share, even had the camera with me, and was too busy to remember to take photos. Can we say brain fart?
So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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