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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The new toy is here!

We had to be out of town today for a doctor appointment for Rodger. He had to have a mole removed from his arm. We kinda thought he would have to maybe go back next week to have it taken off due to this being his first visit with the doc. But they had the surgical kit and went ahead and removed it today. But he is fine with only a dozen stitches in his shoulder. Anyway we did go on to the tractor dealer as planned and got to see our new tractor after the dealer got it out of the crate and put together. Kinda reminds ya of a Tonka Toy. We did get it bought today and it was delivered this afternoon.  Rodger has already got to play with it and mow the orchard and moved some dirt to clean out a drainage ditch out back. He got to have fun till it got dark.

This is on the dealers lot and our first time to see the tractor put together. Last time we saw it, it was still in the "box".

The dealer had the tractor delivered to us this after noon. Actually the driver followed us home with it.

It is a lil bit smaller than the Ford 3600 we have (was my dads) and this is the size we needed for the things we want to do here on the farm.

The first thing hauled in the bucket was 150 lb of chicken feed to the back and up to the brooder house. Then Rodger was off to try the finish mower in the orchard. He said it did a great job. And a lot less fuel than using the lawn mower to cut the big grass in the orchard. When he got back to the house he used the bucket to move dirt and open the drainage ditch in back of all the buildings. We are on a mountain and get a lot of run off when it rains and the water needs a place to go besides in my onion and asparagus bed. If it don't rain tomorrow we may try to build the herb and strawberry bed here at the house. But if the ground is dry enough to plow we will be planting in the big garden. Guess we wait and see what tomorrow holds for us as far as weather goes.
So that has been the extent of our day. Well I thought I would share this pic with ya.

The neighboring county has a mountain mushroom festival every year about this time when the morels are coming up. So someone thought it appropriate to have a tree stump carved into a mushroom shape for their from yard. I thought it was kinda cool.
So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Deb said...

I'm sooooo happy for ya'll and a lil jealous too. I want a bucket for the tractor too. When do you get a turn driving?

The Apple Pie Gal said...

Wahoo!!! Congrats on the new tractor!!!

Wasn't it you who told me mine was the wrong color? Hmmmm...

Claygirl said...

Way cool, Stella. Congrats! I'm sure it will save you lots of physical labor. Be careful lifting loads. Wear your seat belt. What a great addition to your homestead.

Frosty said... that is a toy, nice to see the picture of the two tractors together. Much love to you and all the best with the new beast of a tractor.