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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wondering whats next....

The weather was really nice today, warm and most of the snow has melted off. The county finally got out to scrape the packed snow and ice off our county road. There are still places where the road is shaded that is still snow covered. But for the most part it is easy traveling. Just a sweatshirt was comfortable today without a coat. We are supposed to get some rain this weekend and possibly some more snow showers the first of the week. But for now I can get outside without landing on my back side.
I had a doctors appointment in a town east of us and I think most all the people from here and there were at Walmart stocking up for the next little storm. I went to pick up a few supplies while I had other reasons to be there. We usually don't make special trips to shop for anything. We just get what is needed when we have to be out of town on other business. Both the boys will be home this weekend so we needed some snack foods to keep them happy for a few days. This Jason's trip home for his birthday which is on Tuesday the 23rd. He wants a cheesecake for his birthday instead of cake. So I will need to make that tomorrow. Rob and Amoy will be home sometime Saturday.
This weekend I am planning on trying to get my order together for some ornamental plants to put on the hill behind the house to prevent any more erosion. Also am going to try to order some more strawberry plants to get another strawberry bed started. I picked up some peat pots starter sets today while I was out so I can get some celery plants started. They take a long time to sprout and get started. I really want to get someone started on my summer kitchen so it can get done before spring and I can use the counters in it to set seed flats. Sure would make my life easier. I got a ton of things to do outside as soon as the ground dries some and I can get around without sinking in the mud. I need to purchase some fence wire to make a pen for the laying hens so they can be moved and the building cleaned for baby chicks in early spring. All this stuff has to wait on the weather. Not much gonna happen till then I suppose, just make more plans. Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Mrs. Mike said...

I use a lot of wild mountain strawberry as ground cover. I sniched it when out hiking years ago and it has multiplied generously!
Enjoy the boys this weekend!

stella said...

Hey Ms Mike, we have wild strawberries growing all over but they are so small to pick. But boy do they make good preserves tho. I have now ordered 100 new strawberry plants to put in the garden not to mentions a bunch of fruit an nut trees too. I am sure I will be tired of digging holes.