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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Like Spring today, more snow coming

The weather was so nice today. Sunny and warm, one thermometer saying 55 degrees. We got out to get a few things done today while the weather was cooperating. I had bought 3/4 inch plywood to make more shelves in the cellar and they had been in the back of my truck for almost 2 weeks. The uprights were put in today and some of the braces to hold shelves. Need to get more screws to put in the other supports for the rest of the shelves tomorrow. We had to move all the sweet potatoes that were in feed sacks out of the cellar to get the shelves in. I was really surprised at how well they had kept. Not shriveled, soft or sprouting. I had also put about a half bushel of apples in the cellar as a trial run to see how well they would do. They looked like they were fresh picked. And in the half bushel I found 1 rotten apple. These apples have been stored in there since October, last fall. The really dark ones are Arkansas blacks and I dont remember what the others were. I also had several butternut squash in there and 2 cushaws that were in there just as a trial also. Those I fed to the chickens. They had been picked since last September and were in perfect shape. So needless to say I am really pleased with how well the cellar holds food.
It was warm enough today that I got out in short sleeves and swept the front porch off, and barefoot wondered on out to the herb bed. The ground was cool, but not overly cold. Now the rock sidewalk was different story, had to pick up the pace a little bit. Some of my perennial herbs are starting to come back. As are some of the ornamental plants in the flower bed. So I am sure spring cant be that far away.
I came in for a couple hours to do other things and when I went back out to hold the plywood so it could be cut to length the temps had dropped drastically. I had long sleeves on the second time and was freezing. Now the weatherman says we are supposed to get from 4 to 8 more inches of snow by Tuesday. Dang this is like march weather. If history repeats itself, which it often does, spring will be early and pass quickly into a hot summer. But spring I would take right now. Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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Jen said...

Wow Stelly,
Those apples look great and what a great pic. Looks like it belongs inna magazine! Im glad you got out to enjoy the weather. We also had sunny skies and warmer temps. It is great that the cellar is working out for you. Ya mentioned buttersquash n my mouf waters. I miss our warmer temps sometimes. I wont be sayin' that though come May. Sounds like you had a good weekend. ~jenny