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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Home again

I made it back home today after 2 days of doctors appointments and a good visit with my youngest son Rob and Amoy. Rob went with me to my doctors appointments and I spent the night at his place because I had another really early appointment in Lexington. It made it much easier on my back to not have to travel 90 mile one way for 2 days in a row. Between doctor appointments I went with Rob to help him buy another vehicle because the trade in he was using was still in my name. I think I did pretty good negotiating for him with the salesman. He got a really nice vehicle that has every option that a vehicle could have on it. The only problem he has with his new vehicle is the cup holders are worthless. Where they are located you really cant sit a drink of any kind in them. This SUV has tons of safety features that I like, knowing that it does make for a safer drive for them. It has been cold for the past couple days so the heated seats really impressed me. I am really happy for him to have a newer vehicle to drive.
After getting Robs car all squared away and my doctor visits taken care of yesterday, we were pretty tired when we got back to his house. Had to get up early to get to my other doctor appointment this morning. The news there was not good as far as I am concerned, but I have to live with it. After looking at my MRI of my back the doc basically told me there is no treatment for what I have going on with my lower back. I have bulging disc, and degenerative disc disease in the lower back along now with some bone spurs on the vertebrae that are involved. So I am told I will have to live with the pain, try to keep my range of motion and mobility. He told me this will only extend the useful life of my back. He say mild exercise, stretches and meds an no lifting or strenuous activity is all I can do. This condition will deteriorate into arthritis of the spine as I get older. The bone spurs have occurred in just the past 2 years. Not really happy about all this, but I suppose I don't have much choice.
Finally got to talk to Jason for about an hour to catch up on all his doins for the past couple weeks as he has made it back to the lower 48. He got back into the states yesterday finally. Although he enjoyed his trip to Canada, he said he was glad he lived in the good old USA. Hopefully in the next week or so he can do a post here on his trip for us. Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Mrs. Mike said...

So glad you were able to spend time with the boys, whether in person or by phone.
We too, once enjoyed the sights of the Canada, but when returning to the US my husband said, "I think there's beauty enough, and endless sights to see right here in America" Amen!
Welcome home, Stella!

stella said...

Hey Ms Mike, I was really glad to have my son back in the lower 48, I just feel better knowing that he is "home" in the states. I can now imagine what parents feel who have sons and daughters over seas in our military. My heart goes out to em.