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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Nice for outside projects

The weather here was wonderful today. Sunny and in the 60's. With the help of the boys I did get out and get a few things done in the yard today. Some minor cleanup work. Got the trash out of the building that was going to be my summer kitchen. So there is less stuff scattered about and you can get to the corn to feed the chickens now. Rob used the wheelbarrow to haul some gravel to edge the west end of the house and flower bed, and back side walk. Then hauled a bunch more to do half the front walk way. I was told it was too muddy to work on the other side. I must get a chicken pen built and the laying hens moved to the other hen house. They are scratching up my flower beds and getting into stuff they shouldn't just like chickens will do. I got some new solar walk way lights that I need to get put in also. Lots of clean up to do all around the house.
I went to check on the rental house today and I think I have a water leak somewhere. The water wont pressure up and you can hear it spray under the house. So cant do any clean up or anything there till the water is fixed. Kinda depressing from where I sit.
Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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Mrs. Mike said...

That warm sun feels good, eh? The sun always cheers me up too. I had some renegade cochin hens that were refusing to be cooped with the rest of the hens...the winter ranging had to stop! The hens scratched up too many spring bulbs and unearthed perennials.
The girls out in the garden today as soon as the sun warms the earth a bit- rain expected by mid week.
Pea seeds soaking. Seed potatoes on order. Enjoy your day, Stella.